Just inheritated a Marlin 336. Want to refinish

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    I am looking for somewhere, someone to refinish the stock on my marlin 336.

    I just got it and want to make it like new to hand down to my son.

    The Low Down.

    Someone tried to refinish the stock in the past and did a horrible job at best!

    The finish ran on to the receiver.

    The overall bluing is 90%. 2 or 3 minor rust spots at best. The wood is horrible.

    It is decent as far as knicks, but the last job made it "globby".

    I am looking for someone that can provide a new stock or refinish this one. It is a 1976 model 336 30-30.

    Please email me with service and price.

  2. CA357

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    You can buy a new set from Brownells: Brownells Search : Rifle Parts : Lever Action Rifle Parts : Stocks : Marlin 336 Stocks - World's Largest Supplier of Firearm Accessories, Gun Parts and Gunsmithing Tools

    There are some citrus based paint strippers that don't need to be neutralized with water that you can use on the receiver to remove the varnish. It won't hurt the bluing.

    I've done a gaggle of refinishing and love to redo rifles, but your best bet is to clean it up yourself and just stick a new stock and forearm on it. It's a pretty inexpensive fix.

    If you really feel you must send it out to have it done, send me a PM and we can talk about it. I work pretty cheap. ;)
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  3. DrumJunkie

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    What was used to refinish the stock before. I ask this because that will be the variable in what you use to take it back off. You can get new stock sand depending how the original is you might want to. But for peopel like ie I'd rather keep the original if I can. Can you post a few pics of the wood and where it run onto the receiver? If you can find out post what was used to refinish it the last time too. Also..Is it a checkered stock?

    If there's a way to salvage it then I'm sure besides me there are several that like to work on gun wood too. This thread come at a pretty good time. I have a Winchester 94 that I've been thinking about doing a refinish on. I'm interestedin what others say about your project. Maybe a few ideas for the old drummer too :D
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    Whats up with the stock JP?
    Peaked our interest and nothin.....:confused:
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    marlin ....

    i refinished the stock /forearm on my marlin ...its pretty simple ..looks great ... remove the stock/forearm from gun ,remove buttplate ...i didnt use a stripper ,i just sanded the old finish off ....to remove dents lay a piece of wet cloth over dent ,run a hot iron over it ..the resulting steam plumps dent up .....once sanded spray it clear satin urethane ,sand again with very fine paper spray with clear again .....for a different look ...take remove stock/forearm ....sand off old finish ...paint it flat black ....sand off black till you have hint of black in the grain,and edges ...then spray with clear satin