Just how observant ARE you?

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  1. c3shooter

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    Well, I have figured out why there can be problems with eye witness testimony- too many of us SEE things, but do not truly observe them.

    Everyday things that we have seen hundreds (or thousands) of times- but can you accurately describe them? I'll toss out the first- no Googling, now- use your memory- and God knows if you cheat. And you good folks add any examples you have.

    Item #1. Driving this afternoon, after a heavy rain, sun at my back, beautiful rainbow. Bet you have seen one dozens or hundreds of times- right? Well, starting on the inside, and on going out- list the colors in order. (Stunned silence)

    DO NOT POST THE ANSWER HERE- but DO post your example of common items we see- but fail to observe.
  2. primer1

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    I cheated, but I'm not trying to hide it either, and I guessed wrong. After Googling pics, I never realized double rainbows reverse the order of colors. :cool:

    What do people commonly fail to see? How blessed they are. The good in people, instead they focus on the bad.

    How advertisements are borderline lies, and yes, they are trying to get you to buy something.

    Diversionary tactics in the news (political).

    My personal biggest one: how much of a difference someone can make in this world. Enter a room full of people in a good mood, complement people, laugh and joke. Enter a room, b!?@& and moan, be generally pessimistic, and be a real Debbie downer. One person can ruin many other peoples day with an attitude, or vice versa.

  3. DFlynt

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    I believe this has been posted here before:

  4. rurak

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    I am horrible with directions. Even if I am driving it takes me two or three times to learn a route
  5. trip286

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    I lived down a dirt road as a kid. There was a house nearby obscured by the forest from the road, but not completely hidden. I lived less than a quarter mile away and it took me ten years before I noticed it. It was occupied too.

    Just wasn't in my hunting territory I guess.
  6. gr8oldguy

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    That was interesting. My wife and I had a similar experience yesterday evening. We were sitting on the patio when a very odd looking cat came through the back yard. We saw it at the same time. We remarked how odd it looked. When we started describing what we saw to each other...we each described something different.
  7. notdku

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    Color blind, so grey, grey, some weird color I think is blue.
  8. purehavoc

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    What color was that Mercedes that we pulled up beside this afternoon, you know the $200,000 one we were talking about ? " I think it was white" . "Are you sure it looked silver to me" .
    HMmmmmmmmm !!!!!! I had this conversation over the weekend .
  9. trip286

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    In my rearview mirror, it was silver, driven by a black lady with a purple headband, floral print blouse, tortoise shell shades, smoking a Newport.

    I'm actually very observant on some things that just happen to catch my eye at the moment, and completely oblivious to other things that don't just "pop" to me.

    In this case, I realized that I recognized the cigarette as a Newport, and everything else just followed. I noticed the smoke blowing out the window before I noticed the car itself. Then I thought, "why would anyone smoke in a car like that?"
  10. duddie10

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    Well 3 weeks ago while riding home from work. (motorcycle) a valvo s40 red, 4drs, license plate # jh#4%@, (i wont give the # just so no problems.) 5 black males driver side rear passanger pointed and shot a handgun like firearm at me when we passed each other. Now i was 3 house from being home. I was able to give the police every thing including the shooter shirt color and fitted hat type. 20 mins later the lt called to say the kid was found and confessed to shooting at me with a co2 pellet pistol. So i guess im observent enough.
  11. KG7IL

    KG7IL Well-Known Member

    My Favorite
    I was walking into a room, set down my eye glasses, "Honey, have you seen my glasses"

    Re the rainbow. I was right ........ about the inside rainbow, but not the double.
    Overall score: FAIL * 1/2 = FAIL
  12. fmj

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    The answer really depends...some rainbows are more pronounced than others. Some i have seen the entire spectrum, others are faint and have only been able to see half.

    This is SOOoooo true. I for one try to be happy, upbeat and helpful at all times (sometimes, i admit i have to go pop off on ignorant POS's)

    Example: 8 a.m. class, was told by one girl i was FAR to upbeat and cheerful for that early in the morning (i tend to get up between 5 and 5:30 every morning...old habit from working the trades for so long so 8 am is NOT early) she ended up quiting the class. (heard thru the grapevine (some of my friends in the program) it was because of me and my cheerfulness)

    I also have friends in the same program that call me "Sam" (aka samwise gamgee...yes we're geeks and students of Tolkien) I take that nickname as the highest of compliments. (if your a student of Tolkien you will understand why)

    Example 2: I have a buddy (fellow gun nut) every time we meet at the local watering hole he is CONSTANTLY *****in' about something! Kids, work,wife, weather, you name it. Myself and a few others can be laughing, joking and having a mirth filled time...then HE walks in and poof, its done. (people at his work call him Mr. Grumpy...he doesnt understand why) Still like the guy well enough, but DAMN!
  13. purehavoc

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    I was right on the rainbow Mr. ROY G. BIV . I see your reflection :D
    Sorry learned this in school 25 yrs ago . I bet they dont teach that stuff now a days
  14. F4U

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    Slightly off of your topic, but at the last gun show I went to I picked up a rifle with iron sights and noticed that the front sight was blurry as was the far wall of the room. Since then I have realized that I have been reading road signs because I know what they say instead of actually reading them. Got an appt. with the eye doctor for the 4th of sept., got a feeling I am not gonna enjoy what she has to say.