just heard a noise when no one is home

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    cant seem to find a place to put this thread, please move it if there is a better place for it..
    how ever my house is a 3 story house with a bacement, the 4th is like a big attic room, im up here on my computer, i hear my dog start barking down stairs and i heard a person noise, that was out of the ordarnary, tv is on but i felt something weird, so i get my handgun and put it in my pocket with my hand on the gun handle, so i slowly check around and pretty much i see nothing.

    can you guys give me tips if this happens again, on what would be a better situation to do, i choose a hand gun because i could keep it in close(not long barrel shotgun)

    first time ever really alone, yet hearing a strange noise that ended up being nothing.
  2. mountainman13

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    I would suggest either calming yourself a bit so you don't accidently shoot a friendly visitor or family member or calling a priest cause your house is haunted. Run away. Run away. Lol

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    May want to keep a good flashlight with you too, just in case. Pistol would be my first choice a it's easy to keep on you while moving about.


    a critter outside, or your dog made a "person" sound and it startled him/her too.
  5. kytowboater

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    One of my daughters toys went off by itself twice today. It's from a yard sale. I would calm yourself as stated above.
  6. Ben91

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    Could be the EMF (electro-magnetic field) from the computer. Im kind of a paranormal buff. But as for the gun keep it handy. In my mind its better to be safe than sorry.
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    Call the police of you think someone is Sneaking around ... Your pistol should be for self defense... But you shouldn't Hope for the opportunity to use it if it can be avoided then by all means .. Call the cops... If someone starts some **** while you wait on the police to arrive... Then at least you're already prepared to save yourself
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    I would say if your home by yourself and you feel someone is breaking in close the door to the room your in and tuck yourself in a corner and wait for a BG to come in. If you are not expecting someone and you go searching the house and become startled while the firearm is in your grasp you might make a mistake by shooting a family member you mistake for a BG. If you continue to hear noises call the police and protect yourself till they come. That situation is a tough one to get advice on since everyone reacts differently. Stay safe and shoot straight if needed!
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    What he said. If you hear a noise, listen for more noise. If your sure someone is in your home, call the cops, and remain hidden. Don't go looking for trouble you don't have to find.
  10. gollygee

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    Do you also sometimes hear voices? ;)

    Seriously, I agree that a handgun is easier to use when clearing a house. With a multi-level home, seems being on the top level would be an advantage & maybe just waiting at the top of a stairwell would be good. But, the lay-out of your home would determine this & also frequency of visits from folks you know, etc., etc. Another thing would be if the doors would normally be locked & was there any noise of entry.

    Speaking of voices....

    Shortly after my wife & I moved into our present home, I would hear voices. They were loud enough to be sure they were human voices as opposed to just noises & could distinguish female & male voices. But were muffled as if coming from another room, so unable to distinguish words. I never said anything to my wife, but would move from room to room in an effort to find a spot where I could hear them better, but was never able to get them clearly.

    It didn't happen at any particular time of day or on any regular frequency. I don't know which of us finally mentioned it first, but we learned that we'd both been hearing them & were afraid to mention it to the other. :D

    Doesn't seem to happen as often now, but they haven't stopped completely. We've just got so used to them, just don't pay much attention to it anymore.:)
  11. PanBaccha

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    Having a dog is always a good insurance. Barking alone alerts you to possible threat, and whoever that was outside your home would think twice about entering.
  12. purehavoc

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    our house is well...... lets just say we have old friends in our house . We know their there , we have fans that turn when the power is off , creaking noises at night , we had about 1/4 of a roll of toilet paper that was on the holder wound thru the sink handles and faucet , around the toilet and hung over the shower cutain not ripped anywhere while we were gone for the evening . My dog used to growl at nothing in the corner when he was younger. he is def now so he doesnt hear or see well any more so he doesnt do that any more . Stuff moved thru out the house mostly nick knacks but nothing ever missing. We just let it go and we dont ever talk about it in our house . We do know that a Dr. used to own our house and passed in it many many yrs ago . Our house was built in the lat 1800s
  13. vincent

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    Good advice given about not instigating confrontation. Don't let your 'machismo' cloud good judgement.

    1-Call 911, name, address, situation...put the phone down but DO NOT hang up...this is your #1 witness...

    2-Find your fallback position, a corner in a back room is good, preferably with cover like a bed or furniture...this is assuming you are already armed. If you haven't designated your fallback position yet, do so and ingrain it into your mind so it will be natural instinct to get there post haste...

    3-Wait, quietly. Know that nobody is going to sneak up behind you as you have chosen a safe spot. If your position is discovered, then you'll have to make a choice but be sure of who is discovering you. Some training vids will say to announce yourself and that you are armed but that to me seems dangerous...I'd prefer to stay hidden and safe until I was no longer either...

    Your #1 goal is to stay alive...nothing more, nothing less.
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    Haunted house.
    Cool stuff.
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    Haunted house= me getting the f out.
  17. purehavoc

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    I have been in this house for 17 or 18 yrs and we are in the process of selling it to move to the country but what goes on it doesnt bother us its not life threatening or bothersome and some times gives us a good laugh . Im just glad we get along like that :)

    Orbs in pictures in our house is also quite common
  18. therhino

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    Absolutely. Nothing worse than spooks. An axe murderer or goofball junkie you can kill, but ghosts are already dead! That's my rule for watching horror movies as well, if the bad guy is a spook or ghost, I won't watch it. lol.

    For the OP, do you live near a major road? Have speakers you leave on a lot?
    The speakers on my computer actually pick up the CB traffic from passing big rigs. Scares the hell out of me when I'm not expecting it.
  19. moneymaker17

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    You guys don't understand the dumbass thefts around here, guy breaks into houses when 2 girls are home, they hide and call police, and the catch the guy in a room on the floor smokeing a cig, with a axe, im on the 4th floor it was real late at night, family was at the beach, noone was subsposed to come here, but yea correct im not going to shoot some one unless im getting fired apon.
    It wasn't the sound that worried me, it was a weird go check situatiob feeling in my body.
    Thanks for the help
  20. GaryGlock

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    Stay calm, Keep your finger off the trigger!!!! And dont go overly investigating cause you have a gun..stay in the house..preferably in a room w 1 entrance/exit, if it sounds like someone is coming, call the cops, sit tight, and let the dog do its job. And If they do come lookin for trouble..well that's what they'll find won't they :)