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Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by tenntyrant, Nov 13, 2011.

  1. tenntyrant

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    Me a new weatherby vanguard series2 bolt action rifle in 308, I just got home with it and was wondering if anyone has one and are they pretty good rifles and what scope should I mount on it? It is a 24 inch barrel.
  2. cswann1

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    Gratz. Yes the Vanguard are good. Comparable to others in it's price range.

    If it were me I'd either mount a Nikon Monarch or Bushnell Elite 4200 in the power range that will fit best with the distances you'll be shooting most.

  3. Muliemaster

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    When it comes to optics u get what u pay for plain an simple. Figure out your budget, go to the local gun shops look at as many diferent scopes as u can, find the one u like the best, that is right for the job at hand,wether its hunting or target an get the best one u can afford. No one can say whats best for u but u period, we can only make suggestions. Here are some I would recomend you look at. Leupold, nikkon, vortex, ziess, swarovski, even the bushnell elite are worth checkin out
  4. ChicagoJoe

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    I have a Redfield Revolution 2-7 on my deer rifle and it has worked like a champ. It is made in Leupold's Oregon factory.

    Let us know how the Series 2 shoots. I am considering trading in my Remington Model Seven after deer season and getting one in 308 or 7MM-08.

    Oh, and where are the pics?
  5. jpattersonnh

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    You bought a Howa! Good choice. Get a good quality scope, the best you can afford and your set. The original used M700 bases and rings. If it still does, get Weaver heavy bases and Warne rings. You'll never have an issue.
  6. TLuker

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    Great Gun

    It will be a great gun, congrats.

    For the scope, figure out what yardages you're going to be shooting. A standard 3x9x40 is tough to beat, but you'll want more magnification if you're going to be shooting over 200yds. I would recommend a 4.5x14 or 4x16 for that gun. I don't think the brand is nearly as important as getting the right magnification (that's assuming a standard quality brand).