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Just got an AR-15 and I screwed up

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This is my first AR-15 and I had never even shot or held one before. Anyways, the manual said to clean before shooting. The instructions were pretty extensive so I thought I would be fine.

I had no problem taking it apart.

I think I have identified my problem in reassembly. I put the bolt carrier in backwards. I feel stupid.....and I don't know how I can get the rifle apart. The bolt is stuck in the butt and the rifle will not come apart.

Any ideas?
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Dont know, but you sure laid one on me I have never seen before. Wow. I feel like the doc in the ER that just saw the guy come in with a Nalgene bottle up his hoo-ha. Wow. I cant even get my mind around this one.

Ok since the bolt isnt seated in the chamber 'cause its in backwards you have the bolt inside the buffer assembly (the rear of the carrier is flush with the upper when its in correctly). How bound up is the upper and lower with both takedown pins completely out? I am so puzzled by this one. Just dont get frustrated, you are doing the right thing by asking for help. There is more than one guy on here that has ruined a part of a firearm through jackassery, myself included. So take it in stride, we'll get 'er figured out.
hey whatever you do, don't pull the trigger. hopefully the hammer is cocked at this point. Thinking through it, JD is on it (as usual). Get that stock off there. Keep your patience!!!;)
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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