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Just got an AR-15 and I screwed up

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This is my first AR-15 and I had never even shot or held one before. Anyways, the manual said to clean before shooting. The instructions were pretty extensive so I thought I would be fine.

I had no problem taking it apart.

I think I have identified my problem in reassembly. I put the bolt carrier in backwards. I feel stupid.....and I don't know how I can get the rifle apart. The bolt is stuck in the butt and the rifle will not come apart.

Any ideas?
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I never took the buffer or buffer spring out.

I have the entire bolt carrier inside the receiver backwards. I am at work without my rifle so I can't take pictures right now (you wouldn't be able to see anything anyways because I can't get the rifle apart now, or at least I have no idea how to).

I can fix it if I can get the rifle apart again.
Its the solid stock.

Wow....did I basically just ruin my brand new rifle? I guess I should have waited for someone to show me instead of looking at pictures.....unfortunately, I live in the middle of the city and wouldn't have gotten out to the country for another 3 weeks or so.
So will I be able to remove the BCG through the stock? Will the charging handle not hold me up? Again, I'm at work so I can't just dig in....but in about 6 hours I will get to work and let you know how I'm doing. I'll take some pics for you to see also.

Thanks for your help.
Just to let you know, I already know the answer as to being able to push the BCG forward into the receiver. It will not go forward at all.

Now how much trouble am I in? :(
Yes, the one silver lining of this mess is it will NEVER happen again. You can't imagine how bad I feel, it is probably not as bad as I least I hope.

Yes, you are correct in that statement, if I can remove the Cam (?) Pin and get the bolt out of the carrier I would be able to open it up again.

BTW, I'm in Arkansas.
You just have to swallow that Pride Pill and walk in, take your lumps and get it fixed. :(

Yeah. :p

Thats what I hate most. If I could do that easily I wouldn't be in this situation in the first place. I always think I can do everything myself.

I should probably go to the gunsmith anyways, just to make sure I didn't break anything in this process and have the weapon blow up on me.
Oh I totally forgot to ask you that. Remember..... Noob here.

I can take out the take down pin, but can I release the pivot pin with seperating the upper and lower receivers? I tried, but it wouldn't budge, I thought it wasn't supposed to unless you could seperate the two?

And Hillbilly, hopefully I haven't ruined anything through "jackassery" yet but this is definately a case of jackassery.

I am young and willing to learn, one day I will be very good at this stuff....I promise. I'm just not there yet. Everyone starts somewhere, right?
Bushmaster PCWA2S-16

Should I use a .223 round and a hammer? :) LOL.
come on guys

pull BOTH the front and rear pins out. this will let the lower and upper completely separate. I can't see how that wouldn't fix this problem. you should be able to jiggle it apart if it gives you a fuss.

man.. putting a BCG in backwards. lol!


I know, give it to me good. Hey, first time taking apart a rifle. Cut me some slack....k?

Got home and fixed it in 3 minutes. Thanks for your help. The pivoting pin was just being difficult last night, but once I got it apart and gave it a couple of wiggles it came apart.

Then I flipped around that bolt carrier and snapper her together!! :)
I hope it isn't....but it may be some day.

Yes, I will definately stick around, adding to my favorites as we speak. I have more knowledge to gain, and now-a-days it is pretty easy to get that on forums such as these. I probably would have went to a gunsmith if you guys wouldn't have helped me. Thanks!
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