Just got a new safe queen. Any good?

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    I just traded for a 90% plus condition chinese SKS.

    It has all matching serial numbers everywhere. It also has a chrome lined or stainless lined barrel. When running a rod through it, there was no trash, only a cosmoline substance (like new).

    Has boyonet, storage hole witch had cleaning kit, and the cleaning rod under bayonet. Also has sling with chinese markings.

    I will say that I am in it for less than $250...

    Is it of any value and did I get a good deal?

    Is there any way to determine year from serial number?

    I just found out after research that it is a bit of a rare model. It has a "26" stamped inside of a triangle, smooth stamping, made in 1956 for Cinese Police. It even has matching sling with it.
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    What, no pictures??????

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    Fun carbines. Be SURE to get the firing pin channel in the bolt de-gunked. These have a floating firing pin, and there have been instances of slam-fire from the FP being stuck in the forward position by dried grease.

    Bores were chromed- commie standard ammo was corrosive, chromed resisted pitting. Price on these has been going up- IMHO, the Chinese are better than the Yugo imports that have been all over the market- a lot of those have questionable, non-chromed bores, and the gas shutoff valaves become a problem.

    If yu have not had one before, some good info on a LOT of milsurp guns at surplusrifle.com.