just got a j frame...need holster suggestions

Discussion in 'Concealed Carrying & Personal Protection' started by roosterjuicer, Oct 3, 2009.

  1. roosterjuicer

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    hi all, i just got a snub nosed j frame revolver. I plan to get a 2 oclock IWB holster like the one i have for my glock becuase i like it. but i wonder if there are other options out there, maybe something a little less bulky?

    i want something IWB that is less bulky than the usual molded holsters but something that will keep the gun secure. so any suggestions there will be appreciated.

    additionally id like some sort of pocket holster. but not a "pants" pocket holster, more like something to put in the front pocket of a hooded sweatshirt or the front pocket on a winter carhartt coat or something along those line. once again i would like the gun to stay in it relatively well.

    thanks in advance
  2. c3shooter

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    My S&W mdl 36 is sitting in an Uncle Mikes- size 36. Very soft black synthetic IWB with a velcro thumbreak. I also use same holster as an in-the-pocket holster- I wear a lot of cargo shorts in hot weather.

    I also have an ankle holster for the rare days that my IWB won't work, and I can't wear a shoulder rig,

  3. CA357

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    I use a cheapie Uncle Mikes #36 holster around the house/yard. The revolver doesn't shift or move at all. However, the mouth of the holster isn't reinforced, so it doesn't re-holster all that well. I figure it's good enough for my current needs which are strictly home defense, probably not so good for other situations.
  4. dogwalk

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    J-Frame Carry

    I have been carrying a J-frame S&W in my front pants pocket foe a long time now, and at 13 ounces I never know it's there. I don't need a pocket holster if wearing jeans but slacks require my pocket holster by DeSaints (Nemasis). Good luck with your snubby. Dogwalk