Just got a DPMS Oracle

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by vector16, Jan 7, 2014.

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    Just got a DPMS Oracle, I thought that I would have had some issue with it when I bought it. I asked the smith to take a look at the selector switch because it felt a little tight. Good to go. I have not taken it out shooting yet, 2 weeks, I need to get some other parts before that. I will be getting the Quad rail on Friday and the optics are next. I was thinking about the Bushnell 1-4x30 but am not sure. I have the Nikon 3x9-40 on my other, great scope. I want something for HD and to reach out to 200 yards. any advise?.
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    I guess my only comment is that Nikon builds some great scopes for the money. And they are hard to beat regarding the glass and some of the new coatings they are using. I have many scopes but is seems that one of my Nikons exceed expectations when it comes to gathering light at dusk and dim light situations. May want to get another Nikon for your new AR. But you will need one of the forward base mounts to provide proper eye relief if you have never mounted a decent sized scope on an AR Rifle.


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    Do you know anything about http://www.amazon.com/Nikon-P-223-3...=1389142061&sr=8-3&keywords=nikon+rifle+scope

    I would like to get one that is not as bulky as the one above in the OP. Which Nikon would you recommend for the $200 price tag and under?
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    I too have an Oracle and they're a lot better than some folks make them out to be. Changed out the Handguard also to a Quad, and lots of other items.

    There's nothing wrong with Nikon. I have a Buckmaster model on a butt kicking 30-06 and it's been great. Not let me down in 7yrs. Always 4-shot MOA or better @100yds using 150gr Corlokt ammo.

    Anyway, what I have on my Oracle is I use a couple Scopes. One is a Bushnell RD TRS-32(holds POI very well).
    Recently I switched to a Bushnell 1-4x24 w/BDC. I liked this Scope over the "Throw Down" model better.

    You said 1-4x30 Scope, so I don't know if this is same Scope you're looking at?

    It has clear/crisp Glass out to edge. Tight Magnification Ring, but I like that(won't shift under any recoil or bumping against anything). Fast Focus Eye Piece. Positive Click Knob Adjustments. Haven't tried it out yet as Weather's been a little extreme for me(dam age) to want to venture out in sub-cold temps to try it out.
    I mounted it using Millet 30mm Tactical Mount that cantilever's out to keep Eye Piece at a distance, and to get good access to the Charge Handle.

    I looked at the Nikon P223 3-fixed Scope and really liked it, until I saw that Bushnell was coming out with the 1-4 Scope that gives a person better option of easier close range with 1 power and better 4 power on top end for further shots, instead of just a fixed 3-power that would be very blurry in Brush Hunting conditions or CQD.
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    What he said!:)