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    The other day a coworker approached me because he heard I was into reloading sadly I had to inform him I was not but wanted to be. He informed me that his step father had been involved in reloading pretty extensively but had passed away in june. He offered to sell his reloading stuff to me for $150 though at the time he only mentioned 1 press and a number of dies and other small tools it was quite a deal. I accepted and took possession a few days later. In the boxes were 2 presses one a single stage lee pretty old but in good condition the other was a lyman easy shotshell loader set up for 12ga. 12 die sets ranging from 9mm to 300 wm. Primers for small and large pistol and rifle. Powder scale various bullets and brass. 5-7 lbs of shot. Muzzleloading components. And a number of measuring calipers and sizing gauges, bullet pullers, etc. I was floored. My coworker said he knew it was worth more but he wanted someone to use it and appreciate it so he sold it to me. He also said that he was sure there was more but all of it was speed out so if he came across more he'd bring it to me. Most of the equipment was dirty and unorganized so I've had my hands full cleaning it up and cataloging it. But i'll never complain. Its a great start for a great price.
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    Smoking deal. The dies alone are worth more than you paid for everything!

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    That's a great deal and a great co-worker.
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    Great deal. I'm glad you got so the stuff can be used.
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