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    Has anyone ever made one brass from a different brass not because you had to? I would like to make some 7x57 brass from 30-06 brass, not that I need to, but just because I think it would be fun and different. In an old article by George Nonte, he says it is very easy to make and he suggests that one first run the 30-06 brass into a .308 full length sizing die to set the sholder back to the "approximate" length, then run it through a 7x57 full length sizing die. Trim the case to the proper length and there you have it. 30-06 brass is very plentiful and 7x57 is getting somewhat harder to find. Anyway, it sounds like a neat project even if it is not necessary.
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    Ive done it with my 7.7x58 Arisaka.. I use military .30-06 brass to make it (I like the mil-brass because it isnt marked ".30-06" and I got a bunch marked with the year "77")
    I read the same trick using the .308 die on 7.7 but it pushed my shoulder back a little too far. I think its unnecessary and I didnt have any difficulty just sizing the 30-06 after trimming it a bit..

    I do like "making" my own brass.. It can be a interesting extra step..

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    I got the idea that Nonte meant to push the 30-06 into the 308 die not all the way, but just to where you can feel it push back the shoulder some. It doesn't have to be precise. Then, the 7x57 full length resizer will take it the rest of the way. He said that this extra step might not be necessary, but it makes it a little easier in using 2 steps instead of one.
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    Ive tryed makeing 256 mag from 357 mag shells, I didnt have 100% success doing this either only acouple worked well
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    The first step is to aneal the brass. This will soften the necks so they will resize with fewer problems. I make .25-06, 7 X 57 and 8 X 57 from .30-06/.270 family of cases. I have even played with taking .243 and 7mm-08 back up to the parent .308. Expanding progressively seems to make it easier. I can expand .277, 284, .308 and .323.