Just for fun- heavy target 30/06 rifle

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by ba_50, Apr 22, 2011.

  1. ba_50

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    If I had the extra cash, I'd like to take a Howa action, put on the heaviest match 30/06 target barrel, trigger, heavy bench stock, and a good recoil absorption system and start using all the '06 brass I've got sitting around. It would be used for long range shooting.

    The tube gun sounds great but looks terrible.

    I think it would hold it's own with most other calibers. Might take a 210 grain bullet to do it. Just dreaming, but maybe someday.
  2. Wambli

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    Actually with the right barrel length the 30-06 would be a real contender for LR shooting using good match bullets with a good BC. I think it would be a fun project. The reason most folks don't do the 30-06 is because if you are doing a long action why not go to the WinMag and gain even more in preformance.