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    this has been kicked around for some time for lubing an AR is it better to use bearing grease and syn-motor oil i would think grease would attract dust more than motor oil or am i just lost all together:
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    my experience with the M16-A1 and A2 varients was that lubrication depends on the environment. the dustier and dirtier the environment the lighter the lubricant should be. oil/grease attracts dirt, dirt and liquid make mud. properly cleaned and lubricated for use i always kept mine nearly oil free. lubricated for storage i kept my service rifle oiled just enough that a light touch would leave a visible fingerprint. upon drawing of weapons a quick breakdown and wiping of internal parts was sufficient. this kept my M16-A1 and later A2 functioning through thousands of rounds of use with no stoppages.

    in downtimes i was forever popping out the bolt carrier and constantly wiping down my rifle. not so much because it needed it but more as piece of mind for me knowing it would function when i needed it.

    i used CLP and continue to do so till this day on all my firearms.
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    Okay, in your opinion, what would be the best for here in Florida. We get a lot of windy days that blow the dreaded sand around a lot. Maybe Cane has a favorite, care to share?
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    Slip 2000 EWL is some slick stuff. Non toxic to boot. Keep the gas gun wet and she will stay happy.
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    i use Quaker state heavy weight wheel bearing grease.
    its a little thick so i dont use a lot just on the rails of the bolt carrier and a touch on the bolt and pin and if im out shooting i keep a chaps-tike tube i emptied out packed it full of red grease just in case but at my last shoot it was four days of drills without cleaning and even after 3000 rounds i never had to use the chap-grease tube and while other guys were dealing with malfunctions i ran true and it rained most of the time so now im sick but i had fun.:p
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    Hey, great tip on the empty ChapStick tube, Tommy! Can I borrow that? :p Sure easy to apply if you need it and wouldn't take much room in your range bag.

    Of course, this one is my ChapStick, that one is for the BCG... :p
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    Ya man use it all my friends made fun of me for carring lip stick untill they needed some lube I know that sounds bad but true
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    My advise! No Grease on AR-15 rifles. Just good lube!
    And no Rem Oil! It is a good product but too thin and also cooks off when used on the AR or M-16 type rifle where heat range is a little higher than most weapons. Rock River and other predominant AR manufactures do not recommend using anything but a good lube like G-96, Breakfree (*Shake the BF prior to use!) and other good similar lubricants. And yes the Mobile #1 Synthetic Oil "Formula" as mentioned on the FTF is also good. We older shooters know there are weapon systems we certainly would want to use some weapon grease in certain areas. Like the M-14, M1 Garand, H&K MP 5 rollers and others.
    Only my two cents!

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    I use Mobil 1 on the bolt and charging handle, that's it. REM-oil IS garbage on an AR