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    Hi all, I just took the CCW class for FL, and have an appointment next month to submit the application in person. I've wanted to do this for quite awhile, and finally did it. Of course, now I have an excuse to buy a new handgun! I have a Ruger GP100 .357 magnum for home defense (among other things), but it seems pretty large to be concealed very well, especially in the FL heat. I'm currently considering the Ruger LCP semi auto, or the LCR revolver. Anyone carry one of these? Like it, Hate it?
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    I had an LCP, but didn't carry it concealed so I can't help. It was a good little pistol.


    IGETEVEN New Member

    Congrats on your process for CC! :)

    The wife loves her LCR. It is light and very concealable.
  4. canebrake

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    My daughter has the Elsie Pea (LCP) and I hate to shoot it! Did I say hate? It's much more than hate.

    I have the Elsie Ahrrr (LCR) and think it has THE best DA trigger I have shot and I have two S&W wheel guns!

    I got mine when they first came out in .38 Spl. I wish they had the .357 Mag option but not bad enough to sell the 38 for the 357.

    This gun is a natural point shooter and easy to manage. The crimson trace handguard is NOT worth the up-charge plus you lose the benifit of the Hogue Tamer grip vs the CT hard rubber grip.

    LCR with a Clip-Draw


    A Canebrake, South Florida, field tested, 95º/95% carry piece.
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    Don't forget, the specific Florida law regarding concealed carry is

    "on or about the person", so a rucksack, beltpack, vest,

    heavy jacket(obviously, not in summer) or any other carry

    container which won't "print" the object inside to be a gun,

    is also fine.

    I CCW any one of my range pistols, because I don't care for

    the shorter barreled pistols. If it doesn't look like I'm carrying any

    belt-pack or rucksack, it's because I'm pulling a little red wagon

    with a mortar in a cardboard box...
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    Another FL resident/CCW here. I carry a Springfield XDM 4.5. I have carried my S&W 586 in the past. If I' dressing up a bit, I pocket-carry a Glock 27.

    I am, however, a fairly large man. And I do dress accordingly.

    the only real mistake I've seen people make when selecting a very small gun for carry is that they end up not practicing with it much because it's no fun to shoot. So I recommend either getting something that you'll shoot, or get something and its "big brother" — like a Glock 26 and a Glock 17. So you can have fun with one and still be reasonably proficient with the other.
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    There ya go. This works fine, IMO, too.
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    I like the LCR and Cane explained the reasons why it is a good choice. I chose a S&W 642 as I am a S&W wheel gun guy and found it before I found a LCR. Over all I'm happy with the piostol, I did change out the grips to get more hand on the grip, the stock LCR grip is a bit better.

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    This is a great point. My first CC was a Kel Tec P3AT which is a .380 if you don't know. That gun was not even close to fun to shoot. Talk about having sore hands after going to the range. However, since I knew there was the possibility my life could depend on my proficiency with the gun I forced myself to take it to the range to practice.

    I would try anything you're considering if you can before you decide to carry it. Now I carry a Kahr PM9 which is a 9mm. It's not much bigger or heavier to carry than my .380 was. It's not as painful to shoot. And there are other benefits too. They are a little spendy so if you're on a budget check out the CM9 which is a budget version of the PM9. Certainly something I would suggest checking out.
  10. bigbomar4

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    If you are looking at ruger try out the LC9 its not much bigger than the LCP and its 9mm. I have one and I think its fun to shoot. I am about as big around as a toothpick and can still easily conceal it with a good IWB holster while wearing just jeans and a tshirt.
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    I just looked at an LC9 today after work. I did like the feel of it. While I was at the gun shop I ran across a Bersa .380. When I picked it up it felt like it was made for my hand. It's also a bit heavier than The LC9. I may have to give that one another look as well.