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  1. jps37033

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    I had a friend that I trade with often let me have this for well under $300. He claimed to have it 20+ years in a safe. It is a 1964 SKS with original sling, cleaning kit, and rod. It also has matching numbers on all parts. It has a chrome lined barrel. On top of that, it is probably 97% or better in condition. And, as he says, I was the first to shoot it, which I believe because of the cosmoline substance in the barrel.

    Any value? I was going to "trick" it out but most say to keep it original.


  2. Rick1967

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    Nice rifle. Mine is not quite so clean and new looking. I have the Tapco Adjustable stock with pistol grip and hand guard. Its got a 20 round mag. I also put on a red and green dot scope. It's only a 2x so it works great as a scout setup. I paid $250 for the rifle and another $150 or so to fix it up. I kept all the origonal stuff too.
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  3. canebrake

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    I wouldn't touch it!

    Keep it just as-is.

    Effin' gorgeous. [​IMG]
  4. CA357

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    Buy it. Clean and lube it. Shoot the heck out of it. Don't mess with it, it's an excellent rifle as it is. :cool:
  5. Laufer

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    Congratulations, but I doubt that these are so old.
    Make sure that there is no cosmoline in the bolt, as some SKS have suffered very nasty 'slam-fires' when the bolt slams the round into the chamber.
    One guy died at his rifle range due to a slamfire, according to "the Sacramento Bee", several years ago.

    You might also know that the Chinese wood (unlike the Russian and Yugo wood) is considered soft and fairly easy to cut, but after a bad mishap, stocks can often be found on 'FleaBay', or these websites.
    There should be a decent disassembly video at "Surplusrifle".

    Seeking some more really cheap 8mm Yugo surplus in the Memphis area.:)
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  6. DrumJunkie

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    One with that kind of age on it in that shape I'd want to leave as is. I have one that is not near as cool that I tricked out with a Tapco stock and stuff. You can get an SKS way too cheap to trick out. That one will be worth as little more than what you usually see around the average gun rack.
    I got this Norinco at a pawn shop. 250.00. Another 60 bucks for the stock and the optic I got at cdnn for I can't remember. I like that Norinco. It uses AK mags and if I did mess it up it's easy to replace

    But I would not touch a thing on an older one like the one you are talking about. You be looking a while for an old one with matching numbers in the shape it looks to be in.
  7. spittinfire

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    Personally I wouldn't touch it. Enjoy it for what it is. Great score!
  8. Phelenwolf

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    Leave it as it is. If you want to trick one out go and buy a new one. Original rifle's like that are better left alone. I knew a guy that cut off the rear leaf guard on a ORIGINAL 1917 Enfield in .30-06 with a very low serial number on it, he destroyed the value of it becasue he wanted to sportize it. DAMN fool. I was able to restore it except for the leaf guards. If ANYONE here knows someone that could help me out there I would appreciate the help.