just bought my first glock tonight

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by bambam511, Feb 5, 2010.

  1. bambam511

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    bought a g30 tonight...looking for a carry holster for it now..two i found so far that i like..

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    anybody had any experience with either one...just curious more than anything. Ive been carrying a full size 1911 for the last few months...wanted something smaller. A good friend suggested the g30 or g36. The g30 fit my meathooks better..(big hands)....lol.. anyways, i wont ramble anymore...thanks in advance for any input.
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    Hello BamBam:

    I have (3) G30SF's and love them. If you have really big meat hooks look into getting the Pearce mag +0 base plates. They are like extending the grip with a place for your pinky finger and it also includes the finger groove/texture of the grip as well. It makes my 30SF fit exceptionally well for my small hands.
    As for your question on holsters, I have a leather belt slide made by Don Hume it is called the JIT and is made for the G21/G30 since it's open on the bottom it fits both very well. No extra retention device on it, but for concealed carry that is fine for me. It comes in both black and brown so choose whichever color fits your needs the most. My fave holster though is the Smart Carry. Since I actually carry (2)G30SF's both are equiped with green Lasermax Unimax lasers, they won't fit the JIT holster when they are attached, so I use the Smart Carry. It works great for me. I'm sure there are a lot of other holsters out there for the G30.
    I'm sure someone else will chime in with their fave holsters soon. There are a no. of good inside the waist band models out there too.
    By the way all my G30SF's shoot very soft, and are quite accurate right out of the box, you will love the gun a lot.
    Good luck and always stay safe. :cool:

  3. Rentacop

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    I own a Galco Concealable for my G19. I like it. No extra retaining device to slow you down. It has held up well.