Just bought a new Kahr CW9

Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by Thelt, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. Thelt

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    I like it a lot so far. I have put about 100 rounds through it so far and it is loosening up a bit. The first couple of times I loaded the magazine I thought I would need stronger thumbs but it is getting easier. It shoots pretty well, conceals well and gives a better grip than the smaller pocket pistols. I have been carrying an LCP so this is little more firepower for me.

    Any Kahr guys out there who have advice for me? I bought some Gold Dot 124 JHP for SD. It seems to cycle them pretty well.
  2. Mick3411

    Mick3411 New Member

    I have had very good luck with mine - about 1000 rnds with no problems. I do recommend checking out the Kahr Forum - they have an excellent section on breaking in a Kahr.

    Good luckI and enjoy.

  3. Sniper03

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    The Kahr's are fine pistols! If anyone ever gets one there is on key that a previous Kahr owner shared with me. That is simply this: When you get your new pistol you must disassemble the pistol to general field stripping condition and clean the parts well and lube all parts. The reason is, I had heard of problems some had with them. It was created by when Kahr test fires the pistols at the factory they put them in a box and they are ready to ship! They will still be some what dirty from the test firing. So clean them first and you should have zero problems! I cleaned mine as instructed and it never has had any problems.

  4. Tackleberry1

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    My Kahr PM 9 has been my daily CCW for almost 5 years now with Zero issues.

    Your CM 9 is basically the same gun less a few of the nicer touches and minus 1 mag for 200 less. Great choice, the cost saving modifications that went into the CM Line do not in any way compromise this platform for the CCW role and you save enough for a bunch of break in ammo.

    I'd recommend you check out the Kahr website for thier great belly band carry rig. With nearly 17 years of daily CCW under my belt, I can say with certainty, this gun in this band is the best combination of concealabilty, firepower, comfort, and accessibility I've come across yet.

    Enjoy it, you made a great choice.

  5. winds-of-change

    winds-of-change The Balota's Staff Member

    I buy a speed loader for all my magazines. My thumbs just can't handle it anymore. If I load a bunch of mags without a speed loader, my hands hurt for a few days afterwards. Getting old. :(
  6. Thelt

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    Thanks for the advice guys. I will check out the belly band rig.
  7. lucky510

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    Wish I'd had this much luck, guess I must've got a lemon! I bought a cw40 went home stripped it, cleaned it, and lubed it.. Next day at the range I put 200 rounds thru it. Out of the 34 magazines I fired not one fired every round without the mag dropping out the gun and only once did the slide lock open after the last round was fired, every other time the mag would drop again.. I checked I wasn't accidentally hitting the release, brought it to the shop I got it from they tested it and had the same result so it was sent back.. That was over 2 months ago and I still haven't seen my gun.. Not all that pleased with kahr
  8. Polygon

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    I haven't had much luck with my PM9 either. I love the gun, but stopped arrying because I can't trust it. I followed the break in guide on Kahr and the first 200 rounds I had the slide lock back with rounds still in the magazine four times. It also failed to lock the slide back on the last round twice.

    I've been talking with Kahr and they wanted me to send the gun in, but I talked them into send me some parts instead. I'm trying to find out the best way to go about filing down the slide release lever since it seems that solves the lock back issue 90% of them time. I'm hoping I can make this thing reliable since I love it otherwise.
  9. G23LCPK45

    G23LCPK45 New Member

    For a single stack option for under the tee shirt, I like the Kahr CW45. I like shooting it because I buy sushi afterwards. Bamboo chop sticks are perfect to hold open the slide for cleaning and dealing with that pesky slide stop.
  10. jyo

    jyo New Member

    Just so you know, Kahr did have a bad batch or two of magazine releases---call them and they will send you new parts (mag release and spring)---end of problem!