just bought a Frankford arsenal quick-n-ez case tumbler any reviews on this?

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by edteach, Feb 14, 2012.

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    Got it for 42 delivered from Optics planet. I had one when I got out of RL but had only used it very little. My Lyman ran well for about 10 years then the mother crapped out. They fixed it for free after trying to bill me 35 dollars for it. I told Lyman to keep it as I could at the time buy a new one cheaper. They just sent it back fixed. In the mean time I bought the FA and used it for a month, then I moved and eventually sold all my reloading equipment. I now am getting back into it as the price of ammo has went through the roof. I almost bought the smart reloader nano, but after I placed the order I read so many bad reviews and could not find one good one I decided to go with a known quantity. The reviews on this seem to be really good. So my question is has anyone here has long term good luck with this product?
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    I replaced an old tumbler with this one 4-5 years ago.It works great so far.

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