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    Since I shoot the Cane's 1911, I'm in love with 1911's and I want one some day... but still some things that I don't understand....
    I know that Goverment, Oficer, Comander, defender are 1911 in diferent sizes on grips and barel lenght, but what's the difference betwen a 1911, 1991, 80 Series, 70 Series...???:confused:
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    The years they were made...??? :D

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    I'll help a bit here. The 1911 is the basic platform as designed by JMB. The 1991 is an updated platform released by Colt with some changes. Series 70 is the description of guns without firing pin block. Series 80 is the description for guns with firing pin block. These are all Colt specific terms BTW.

    Many times these terms are applied to other than Colt 1911s. Springers are often described as series 70s and any 1911 with a firing pin block are called series 80. Guns with firing pin blocks are sneered at by purists as it's extra stuff inserted in the "ignition circuit" that can affect trigger pull. Colt "powers" it's firing pin block linkage thru the trigger where other brands, like my S&W, use the grip safety.

    For Kimbers, any model with a "II" in the name uses a firing pin block. This (and higher initial quality) is why series 1 Kimbers command high prices.

    A Colt expert should be along shortly to supply even more detail...
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