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    For you preppers. My friend is kind of a hoarder, but he does something extremely cool. He pilfers junk yards and gets all types of lawnmower, weedwacker, etc engines and fixes them. I've seen him fix 2 kerosene heaters for under 25 dollars worth of parts, and they work like new. Great learning experience, and you can do a lot with old generators and alternators.
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    My great uncle once told me a story about when he was young and cutting wood with friends. They were cutting up logs with cross cut hand saws. One of them figured out how to put an A model Ford up on blocks, wrap a belt around the drive wheel, and used that to power a saw. He really loved that set-up.

    Point of the story is that there is a lot we could do with everything that is available to us today like all those engines. :)