Judge Sotomayor: Race and gender, not academic merit, is key to success

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    Sonia Sotomayor: Miss Affirmative Action, 2009 by Patrick J. Buchanan | National Policy Institute
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    Do not worry - public schools (a.k.a. government indoctrination centers) are working hard to change "academic merit" to be more oriented toward politically-correct race-pandering, so that the question of "academic merit" will soon be moot. I've seen it in helping my 3rd grader study for her standardized tests: Harriett Tubman and Thurgood Marshall get equal billing with Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, whereas there's no mention of other Founding Fathers like John Adams, Patrick Henry, et al at this level. I counted the same number of blacks historical figures as white in her American history study guide. (Wow, the Hispanics must be pi$$ed about that....)

    Soon, so-called "academic merit" will also be fulfilled by such people as Sotomayer and her supporters, whereas real American parents like me will continue to divert their children to private schools or home education in every-increasing numbers. In other words: as public schools continue to circle the drain, "academics" will become even less important than it is now.
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