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  1. workman5487

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    Want a revolver i thought about a 38 snub but leaning towards a judge or a 357 any positive feedback would be helpful
  2. Overkill0084

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    For what sort of use?
    If your looking for a CC gun, I'd probably go with a .38 snubbie. A .357 will also do it for a carry gun, but it will very likely run a bit heavier due to having to be a bit more robust in construction. Probably not so much as to be a big deal, though.
    I fall into the camp that thinks the judge is the worst possible form of compromise.

  3. JTJ

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    What are you going to do with it? A 38 snub is great to carry. A Judge is not. The Judge would be a good choice if you are out hiking and might run into snakes and mountain lions. The Ruger SP101 is 28 oz loaded and will shoot 357 or 38 spl. You can get snake loads and 158 grain 357 mags are good defense loads when hiking. 38 spl +P and lighter 357 loads for carry.
    I would look at the S$W Governor rather than the Judge. If you are in bear country, get something bigger.
  4. workman5487

    workman5487 New Member

    I live in pa a few bears lol but there not close to my area I'm looking for more of a truck gun occasional cc
  5. Oblivion9

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    Yeah I'm not a judge fan. Though I've never fired one yet, I've handed them and don't like the balance.

    Had a snub 38 that I traded for a snub 357. But the new gun is HD for wife. I don't Ccw it.

    For the same size as the judge you could have 5 or 6 rounds of 38/357.

    For a snake gun I get the judge. My brother in law loves his though (although I think he loves the idea of it) and has it loaded with a mix of 410 and 45lc. I would end up needing the wrong round at the wrong time.

    The s&w governor that shoots 45acp interests me more.
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  6. Threetango

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    I have a 357 S&W "686" and a Judge "Public Defender" model and like both of them.
    Believe the Judge is a perfect car jack deterrent and not just for snakes.

    My wife prefers shooting the Judge over the 686.
    If you have never shot a Judge, try one before giving negative replies and it is concealable. JMO

  7. workman5487

    workman5487 New Member

    I've shot both and Mille the idea of both just un positive lil
  8. jismail

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    Be aware....

    The Judge is a cool concept but keep in mind that in certain locations (California for sure) it may be restricted as it is defined as a sub-barrel length shot-gun due to it's ability to shoot .410 shells. Not a big deal if your local laws allow it, but would be a consideration if you live in a location with similar laws or may perhaps drive thru them with the weapon in your possession.
  9. JD1969

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    IMO the Judge has just not lived up to the hype. Get the proven performer, the .357.
  10. DoyleTheDog

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    Another vote for the .357Mag

    You can shoot either .38spl or .357mag and they even have snake shot in those calibers that are great. If you're using it as a truck/ccw gun I'd def get a 357 snubbie.
  11. orangello

    orangello New Member

    Just make sure the snubbie has big grips. The least fun firearm i have ever shot was the snub-nose .38 my grandma gave me. It had tiny grips and was hard to hold and fire well.
  12. phildenton

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    357 would be the better choice (though 45 lc can be a very potent round with propper ammo selection). I cc a 4" barrel 357, can be tough if printing or momentarily exposed (but thank God i live in an open carry jurisdiction)
  13. danolator

    danolator New Member

    Ruger SP101, 357. The Judge is a novelty.
  14. cjn79

    cjn79 New Member

    The judge shoots Winchester PDX 1 ammo quite nicely. It'll solve any situation your in out to 25ft with the right ammo. Unless your looking for some sort of "sniper" revolver the Judge will work just fine. As for a truck gun, it can work nice for a bird or 2 during the appropriate season of course. :)
  15. ares338

    ares338 New Member

    If you want an EDC Handgun you might look into a Ruger LCR 38 special or 357/38 caliber. I have the 357/38 and really like it. It isn't a target revolver but if you train with it you can maintain combat accuracy from 5 ft to 15 yards. You will want to train with 38's. I carry 38 +P designed for short barrels and 165 grain 357 loads. Oh...and I carry it in my front pocket in a Desantis Pocket Holster. Check it out...it might be what you are looking for
  16. kalboy26

    kalboy26 New Member

    I have the LCR and love it in .357. That being said, my dad has the judge and it is his favorite gun. He takes it every where (even to shoot clays lately). Both are great guns. LCR for every day carrying in your pants, but judge for car gun or woods. Just my two cents.
  17. Colby

    Colby New Member

    For close in defense - like your truck or concealed carry - a short gun works better. The Smith J-frames like the Airweights are good - comes in 38 - no 357. The Ruger LCR is the same basic size but has a softer grip that tends to soften the stiff recoil of the 38 from those small guns. The LCR also comes in 357 - so you have your choice of 38 or 357 in the same gun.
    I own both - Smith and Ruger. My first was the Smith 438 38. I like it - but it isn't very pleasant to shoot at the range. So I opted for the LCR because the rubber grip surrounds the entire but of the gun - softening the shock. The Smith has the spine or back frame (back strap) of the butt directly touching your had - so no softening - which is why it kicks a little harder.
    I opted for the LCR in 38 special. Was it a mistake? I don't know.... I just couldn't see me wanting to shoot a 357 in such a light weight gun. For that - for me - my thinking is to get something a little bigger to absorb the shock of the 357 -- Like a Ruger SP101 or a Smith model 14 or colt Trooper - if I want to shoot 357. But then those are not good conceal guns. - But would be excellent truck guns!
    Remembering that it is for conceal carry for me - not a house gun - which I feel can be larger .
    I still kinda favor my Smith 38 for conceal though - because the grips are a little smaller - making the gun a little easier to conceal.

    Neither of these are pleasant range guns - they are what they are - kinda close in defense - and they are small. Doesn't mean they can't reach out - my groups are good - but it's not a lot of fun practicing.
  18. Old_Crow

    Old_Crow New Member

    The 454 casul judge is a great weapon for prison gaurds and other people who deal with inmates. The combination of magnum rounds and 3" buckshot will quell a riot or buy the worker time to get a shotgun. Otherwise I would rather have a 357.
  19. ScottA

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  20. mdauben

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    I would agree about choosing the LCR in .38. While I don't doubt the gun can handle .357 loads, I think they are too much for me to handle in such an ultralight gun. I feel much the same about the various Airweight S&W J frames. The Ruger SP101 is probably the smallest gun I would want to shoot .357 rounds with.

    I do rather disagree about the GP101 not being a concealed carry gun. I routinely conceal a full size Glock 17 IWB under a loose fitting shirt in the summer and under heavier winter clothing I find a Glock 21 OWB concealable. IMO the SP101 in the 2.25 or even 3 inch version would be no problem and indeed I have spoken to others who do just that.

    If I was looking for a car or house gun in .357 I would go to the Ruger GP100 or S&W 686, both larger, heavier guns and much more pleasant to shoot full power loads through.

    IMO the LCR, J frames and similar sized semiautos like the LCP or Bodyguard 380 are the minimum concealed carry choices for pocket carry, when you just can't or won't carry something better.

    Finally, getting back to the original question I would definitely choose a .357 over a Judge or Governor any day of the week. The .357 is a proven round with a long track record for SD use. From what I have heard and seen there are questions about the penetration and effectiveness of .410 buckshot out of a handgun and IMO if you want to shoot .45 LC or ACP there are better platforms to use. In the end I think the Judge is a clever idea that may look good on paper but I'm not confident enough of the concept to trust my life to it.
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