JP Silent Captured spring experience?

Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by Dahamp2003, Oct 25, 2013.

  1. Dahamp2003

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    Just because I always look for upgrades, Ive seen the JP silent capture spring. Just wondering if anyone had any experience with it. Ive got a mid length and the spring gets a little noisy sometimes. Also wondering if theres a difference in bcg "slap". Even if miniscule. Anyone?
  2. hoovco

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    BCG slap? .....

  3. Dahamp2003

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    Sorry. I meant spring noise. I remember watching a video in slow motion talking about the smoothness of the bcg returning to battery but that was mid length vs carbine I believe. Anyways, how much does the jp sc spring help with spring noise and operating smoothness?
  4. EW1066

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    Do you find the spring noise that objectionable? The loud bang coming out of the other end is much more annoying. If you want to silence something, there is a prime candidate.

  5. JonM

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    The jp spring needs a low mass carrier from jp as well.

    I personally enjoy that sproing sound and feel when shooting an ar15. More mass means better feed reliability under dirtier conditions. Personally I'll keep the sproing and known reliabilty over getting rid of it to possibly less reliability and throwing in an unknown factor.

    Just my opinion your free to do as you will. Won't hurt my feelings if decide to go the sproingless route heh. I've never heard of anyone saying negative about jp.stuff.
  6. CamoToe1

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    Just when I thought my rifle was complete, the twang dang hits the market!

    The sproing effect is slightly annoying to me too. A spikes(pws) t2 buffer did the trick. It has no HDMI ports or Bluetooth capability but might be just what you are looking for.
  7. TexasGunner

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    Yes I have one of the Silent Captured Springs. And yes I absolutely love it! I bought it for my Rock River .223 that rungs a semi auto BCG. Runs like a champ in there really smooth and really quite when you pull the charging handle back. The noise out the front really cancels out the sound from the rear, so can't say I can tell a difference there. But it is so smooth you almost think you are firing a single shot, ie you don't feel the bolt operation. It does reduce felt recoil. Now the JP spring setup has a new home..... image-1101695772.jpg It now resides in my 300 Blackout. And it runs awesome in it as well! This rifle sports a heavier full auto BCG, so I'd say that the "You need a low mass BCG" is a myth. I've read that on another site as well, but have found it to be disproven. It has functioned flawlessly in two of my AR's. I've now got to order another so I can put one back in my Rock River.

    [ame][/ame]'s in the rifle during this video clip.
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