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    Hey y'all,

    it is another one of those newbs who keeps asking all those annoying questions over and over but still doesn't get it. :p All joking aside I've tried to do as much research as I can by myself and will continue to do so, so that you all don't have to spoon feed me.

    First off I'd like to thank you all in advance for your help.

    Second this is a "do I have it all" thread to some extent.

    the first question is about equipment and supplies. here is what I have:

    The Lee 50th Anniversary Reloading kit, which includes:
    Lee Breech Lock Challenger "O" Frame Press
    Lee Safety Prime Priming Tool
    Lee Perfect powder Measure with stand
    Powder Funnel
    Case Trimmer
    Camfer Tool
    Primer Pocket Cleaner
    Tube of Case sizing lube
    Lee Safety Powder Scale
    Breech Lock Quick Change Bushing

    RCBS .223 Rem SB -- 10 which included two dies

    Sierra MatchKing 22 CAL .224 DIA 52 GR. HPBT match 1410c bullets

    Federal Ammunition small rifle primers NO.205

    I'm set on several hundred assorted fired cases of .223 and 5.56.

    3rd I'm wanting to set up a designated bench, heck I'll build it if I have to. Are there some set ups that are preferred over others? safer? more accessible? Could I get some specs or maybe even pics? if there was a thread for this I missed it. I am trying hard not to be a PITA.

    4. For clarification at this point I am not going for EXTREME accuracy, eventually I will probably be driven mad trying to obtain the best performance but right now I am mostly worried about blowing someone or something up. Safety first of course.

    thats all I can think of at the moment, im sure there will be more
    Thank you all SO much
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    To add to your list- if you have not already done so- the Bible for reloaders- copy of The ABCs of Reloading- and at least one good load manual. Lyman, Hornady,whoever. GOOD lighting for your work area. I can grow wheat on top of my bench. Decide if you will work seated, standing or crouching- set bench ht accordingly.

    Safety glasses. Where are the specs?

    And for those Aw CRAP moments- a kinetic bullet puller. Miltary brass- primer pocket deswedger. A tumbler for cleaning brass.

    And powder. Powder would be good.

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    As far as manuals go, I like the Lyman 45 th edition (you can still get these used on Amazon), The Hornady Handbook, and the Sierra Manual. I even refer to an old Speer manual, a Accurate Arms paperback, and a Hercules paperback. this may sound excessive, but there'll always be a nagging question come up you'll have to search through all your info to get answered.

    In addition, one of the most important sources of info is a friend you can have over to help you. I was lucky to have an old buddy show me the ropes when I started.
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    Do you want to stand or sit and load?

    More from me latter I'm on the iPad and it's not good for the length of post I will make here.....
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    You're gonna need a block like this one:

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    I did not catch the intended launching platform for the Matchkings. Match bullets or varmint bullets + high velocity (3200+fps) + fast twist barrel (1/7) can result in bullet that never reach the target. They can blow up in flight.
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    For your bench I would use at least 4x4 legs and really if you could afford it 6x6 for the legs. 2x6 for the framing but 2x4 will work. Also Make your bench as big as your area will allow. Storage build lots of storage. If you wind up with lots of bullets they weigh a lot so make sure to have sturdy shelves. For the top I would use 2 layers of 3/4
    " plywood then I top that with another layer of 1/4" Melamine board on top. This provides a nice smooth surface and gives a slightly finished look. Plus you can write on it and you don't have to worry about it. You could use some laminate for counter tops but replacing that is a big pain.

    Where are you going to mount your press? What ever you do don't mount it in the middle of the bench cause then you have no room to work. I have the RCBS on the left and the Dillon on right. Light light and more light. If you can land an airplane with your lighting thats good. My lighting is suckin and I hate it. I got to clean out the reloading room/ shed here when it warms up and I plan to change out my lights.

    Remember that if you are going to use a digital scale Flo tube lights make them go wacky.

    Get a good quality loading block not then one size fits all dam things because they never fit anything right.

    Here is you want some high speed billet alum loading blocks take a look at this guys site. He is a nice guy that makes quality stuff. I know him from another board.

    Custom Reloading Tools

    For manuals do yourself a favor and get the Sierra manual. I like it the most because it gives you the most accurate and the best hunting load for each and every bullet. Sierra - 5th Edition Manual/INFINITY V6 CD: Sierra Bullets: Sports & Outdoors

    Other than powder your set. For powder Varget, RL10x, H4895, H335. Are my top go to's for the 223.
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    Thanks, Robo!
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    Calipers, unless I missed them.
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    So how is the project going? I missed the start of the thread a couple weeks ago, but wanted to chime in a little bit on the bench set up.

    I built my own bench from a couple free designs I found on-line. The major part of the bench was from one plan, but the work surface I borrowed and edited from another.

    Since there is already a thread devoted to reloading benches (and Lon was gracious enough to post a link above) I posted photos over there.

    Don't forget to keep us updated on how things are going.
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    The plan is going pretty well. I'll be looking for an area around the house to set up in and also plans to build a bench are in order. I do have powder I just forgot to list it is 1lb of varget powder. Plans will be slow going as I am still busy with school and some other things, however, as soon as I get started I'll update this page. I'm going to be buying a few manuals and the ABC's of reloading soon. Thanks for all the help so far everyone! :D