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    Hello everyone. As many of you already know, a new organization has been created here on FTF. It is known as the G.F.F.A. (Gunowners for a Free America). We stand for 2A rights and plan to teach children and adults about firearms, safety, and the laws that surround them.

    We also plan on fighting to protect our 2A rights and will fight to regain some of the rights that our government has taken away from us. Some of the rights we want back are constitutional carry, repeal of laws regarding the legality of hi capacity magazines, and any other law that clearly violates our rights and the constitution. (Of course, our organization will have to grow in size first)

    What we are trying to do now is increase membership so that we may be able to do these things. Membership is free and everyone who is 18/older or an active member of the military is encouraged to join.

    We have a thread posted as a sticky under legal and activism and a group in FTF that you can talk to the rest of the organization through and learn more about us through. You can ask to join by either contacting me or any other founder/council member of the G.F.F.A (most of us have shields with G.F.F.A. on them for avitars) throught pm or you can go to this thread and ask to join. We will then send you an invite then you'll be able to join the group. ( You can also join here.

    Thank you for you time.

    Aaron Mustin
    Secretary of the G.F.F.A.
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    I think I'm already in. If not, sign me up.
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    Yep Ca, you already joined. Welcome to the club.
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    I added the official page link to my signature. Would there be any objection of someone posting the link to FB as well?
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    I wouldn't have a problem with it. Ask g17frantz though. He's the one who created the FB group and has control of it.
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    Our membership is growing fast. Thank you to everyone who has joined so far. Remember, membership is free and anybody can join.
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    I'm pretty sure I joined on an invite and am glad to be a part of the organization.

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    Yep, you are a member. Thank you for joining.