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    Does anybody know about this company? I read these guns are collectors but don't know what they are worth? Can anybody help me to find out?
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    Think you are probably looking for IVER JOHNSON. The IJ's were pretty much a working man's gun- that is, a utility grade shooter. Yes, some folks collect them- but not with the passion shown for Colt's, Winchesters, etc. Collectability (and price) depends on what you have, and most importntly, the condition that it is in. Many have been poorly kept or stored, and as a result, are worth less. I have a few (usually 32 S&W caliber, some 38 S&Ws) and they are good shooters- interesting history from a time when any shopkeeper probably had an Iver Johnson revolver uner the cash register. You might visit, and, run an auction search using Iver Johnson, and see what pops up. Please note- SOME of these date from the era of Black Powder cartridge weapons, and probably should NOT be fired with current production ammo.
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    Iver Johnson was loacated in Fitchburg, MA. In 1995 was working in MA. Went to Fitchburg and looked at all the old industrial buildings, including the Iver Johnson factory. Fitchburg had once been an industrial town with IJ, a company that made locomotives, a company that made machine tools and many others.

    Iver Johnson made single barrel shotguns, double barreled shotguns, revolvers, a .22 automatic pistol and and a 5.7mm Johnson auto rifle that was a copy of the M1 carbine. IJ also made one of the first .50 caliber sniper rifles, the AMAC-1500.