JOHN McCAIN on gun control

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    However it seems likely that with the next school shooting, rampage, or other criminal activity, like vultures circling the corpses on the playground, opportunist legislators will be trotting out anti-gun measures to pass into law during the hysteria. (The lengths congressmen will go to in order to stretch the truth in such circumstances is quite often nothing short of amazing. For example following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, in which the criminals were armed with knives and box cutting tools, Senators John McCain, Joe Lieberman, and Charles Schumer trotted out an old anti-gun bill that would regulate gun shows — claiming the terrorist attacks mandated such an action, even though guns weren’t even involved in the hijacker and, indeed, might have been prevented had the captain, crew, or other passengers been armed.[3])

    [3] Susan Page, "McCain: Terrorists bypass laws by using gun shows," USA Today, November 27, 2001.
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    How long after the attacks did they try to pass this bill? If it were right after the attacks, I could see where they were coming from as the whole country was in a state of panic and confusion, and they were probably just trying to find a short term " stop " to the problem. Then again, maybe not.

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    If this was when the article was written, it's a bit outdated. Almost 7 years ago, things have changed a bit. Just curious, who brought up the old article?
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    Never Ever think politicians are stupid , They know how to wrangle and put their spin on everything.