Jericho vs. Baby Eagle

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    Personally, I don't own any guns as of yet, but I've read a lot of simply glowing reviews for both of these weapons. Personal reasons have me really wanting the original version of the Jericho 941 very badly. There's just something about seeing "Jericho" actually etched into the steel frame, as opposed to the marketing ploy Magnum Research has decided upon...

    Anyway, I'm hear to ask a simple question. Aside slide safety vs frame safety, are there any real differences between the original IWI Jericho 941, and what Magnum Research Inc offers as the "Baby Desert Eagle"? Cosmetically, they're the same gun, and I can honestly say I'm not very knowledgeable in this area. What's important is that the inner workings are the same.

    Is the Baby Eagle a Jericho with a different name? Or are there differences in functionality?
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    Welcome to the FTF board. You might want to swing over to the Introduction section and tell everyone a little about yourself, but I will leave that up to you.

    I believe the Jericho was originally big because it came with the new wonder cartridge the .41 AE. That didn't take off and I believe either IMI got bought, or whoever was importing the Jericho got bought and somehow the supply line dried up.

    The Jericho having the frame mounted safety is a better design in my opinion. Frame mounted as JMB intended, not some bastardized version sitting up on the slide. :mad:

    I believe all the parts were being outsourced. Tangfolio comes to mind, I can't remember why. Maybe they had the production ability and IMI had the need to run at high levels right out of the gate?

    In any event the Jericho and the Baby Eagle are pretty much the same, both sharing lineage to the CZ75, which is highly thought of in many circles.

    I think they both had decockers and safeties, where the CZ75 only had a decocker, so that is a plus one for handgun safety.

    I have handled the Baby Eagle before, it's a nice little pistol. Don't have any idea how they shoot or what they cost.

    Hope that helps!


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    I don't think the Jerico is available any more. If you can find a used one, good. Just make sure it isn't one of their proprietary calibers. Any CZ75 clone will give good service.