JD said it would get worse!

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    Man robs store with 9-year-old daughter in tow
    Girl is later turned over to police, while father escapes after car chase

    Robber brings daughter
    April 2: Surveillance video shows a man robbing a convenience store in Ellensburg, Wash., with his 9-year-old daughter at his side. NBC’s Michael Okwu reports.
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    ELLENSBURG, Wash. - Authorities on Thursday were searching for a Washington state man seen on video holding up a convenience store as his young daughter watches and telling the clerk he is unemployed and needs money to support the girl.
    The Kittitas County sheriff's office said Robert Daniel Webb robbed the store Tuesday in Ellensburg, 95 miles southeast of Seattle.
    Webb was on the run but the girl, 9, was taken into protective custody Wednesday night in Fortuna, Calif., NBC affiliate KING-TV quoted police as saying.

    The father of a sheriff's deputy in Fortuna, who happened to be an acquaintance of the suspect, was asked to watch the girl Wednesday night while her father ran errands, KING-TV reported.
    Later that evening, the man learned Webb was wanted by police in Ellensburg. The man contacted his son and Fortuna police, who took the girl into protective custody until her mother could arrive.
    Webb managed to elude authorities after a car chase.
    The man in the store surveillance video points a gun at the clerk and says: "Open the till and got me what you have. ... I'm out of work. My daughter's got to survive."
    The sheriff's office said the man made off with about $200.
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    Great. My own backyard.... Well, I wish I could say I was surprised, but I am not.

    I bet this is one of 100 stories like this coming our way over the coming months....


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    Ah crap!!!!! I forgot it was "take your daughter to work" day..... :p
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    Ooohhh, that was bad.:D

    Uh, J.D., you're still workin, right? You need a couple bucks, bro?
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    1) If I was going to hit a place, there are several things that you would read about that would be different:

    • The armored car transport guard was taken off guard by a scantilly clad girl, bending over a shopping cart and didn't notice the figure approach from behind and shove what was believed to be the gaping maw of a 1911 handgun in his ear.
    • Said guard was thus relieved of his dolly of vacuum pressed bills as the female accomplice pulled a sawed off shotgun from her backpack and covered the guard and the door to the bank while the lead bandit covered the truck and unleashed what appears to officials as home made smoke bombs to cloud vision of bystanders. Several units were thrown outside of 20m from the site of the robbery.
    • An European sedan, believed to be some sort of German, AWD variant, roared up and the two armed robbers jumped in the back of the four door sedan.
    • Communications from the armored truck to their home office, and their silent alarm were jammed. A small device was found wired into the roof top cellular antenea that the bank hosts for additional income. This device is believed to be powered by the cell tower itself and was used to jam frequencies inside the scope of normal FCC transmission frequencies.
    Or something like that - not that I had given it any thought or anything...:rolleyes:

    2) I am not taking an innocent 9 year old onto the battlefield - if you choose to break the law, you have entered an agreement with law enforcement. As Leon said "No Women, No Kids"....

    No Benning, I am fine on cash thank you and I have an alibi for all day long, and most of this week. :D