JCVD vs. Segal

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    Cannes film festival 2010: Jean-Claude Van Damme plans to appear in reality TV show for A&E

    1. Can't wait for this. JCVD has really put himself out there. He's well into his late 40's and hasn't picked a bum for an opponent.

    Now, what the heck happened here?

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A-U5L0QPkrE&NR=1]YouTube - THE TRUE STORY : Van Damme vs Seagal - Fight at Sylvester Stallone party [1997][/ame]

    Jean-Claude Van Damme, Steven Seagal nearly came to blows in the 90s: Sylvester Stallone | TopNews

    I don't remember that. :confused:

    Apparently, JCVD stepped outside and waited for Seagal to come out and settle things, but inexplicably, the highly trained ex special forces high profile bodyguard decided better of it.

    I am sure he only refused out of the self control born of years of elite training, and not because he was a fat fraud. :rolleyes:

    Apparently JCVD isn't a total pushover either. Nosher Powell, in his autobiography, comments about working with him on the Legionaire film. He reckons he came across as a bit of a tough guy and well able to handle himself.

    I'm still a JCVD fan, while JCVD has behaved just as badly as Seagal in the past, at least he has put his hands up, apologised, and worked hard to become a better person.
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    I would pay to see that!

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    His impression of Stallone toward the end of the video clip was pretty funny.
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    Who knows what the hell really happened, but I do remember this being a "big deal" at the time.

    Seagal had filmed Executive Decision with Kurt Russell ( taking a part below scale, really a cameo, to get back into the lime light ) and followed it up with Glimmer Man opposite Keenan Ivory Wayans around this time.

    Van Damme had finished his re-telling of Bloodsport as The Quest ( which got him sued ) and then went into Double Team with Dennis Rodman.

    While neither of them were "A" listers at the time, it might have been that Seagal, or his people, felt his star was slightly higher and therefor not worth the "risk". Or maybe he was scared? *shrug*

    I don't know - Van Damme entertained me when I was younger, but Seagal always had crediability in the martial arts world. At least according to everyone with an opinion and writing for a martial arts magazine at the time. Where he screwed up was the whole Navy SeAL thing.

    Van Damme cut his own throat in Hollywood and then tried to backpeddle.

    I think at this point it's a little obvious who was and was NOT an "Action Star" in the 80's & 90's seeing as how NEITHER of them are in Stallone's nod to the era in 'The Expendables'.
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    He didn't have to wait on Chuck Zito.:D
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    Excuse me for saying this,but screw both these lefty eco-zen panzies.

    Chuck Norris could take them both on -today,right now- and win.

    Steven Seagal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Jean-Claude Van Damme - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Chuck Norris - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Chuck Norris was a MP in the Air Force,like my old man was.
    He's a down to earth real true blue American unlike the coke snortin military imposing duo shown here.

    And has anyone caught the A&E series-"Steven Seagal: Lawman"?
    I watched a couple episodes and what tore it was his attitude about Americans with guns-instead of erring on the side of the Second Amendment and assuming that American Citizens with firearms is a lawful concept,he says stuff like "people shouldnt be carrying around loaded guns".

    What a toolbag.

    Excuse me-I have to go toss out a few DVDs from my collection now........
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    I like Segals movies, but hes too zen for me hahaha

    Chuck Norris...where to begin.

    IF Chuck Norris ever bleeds, its a ever continuos stream or non running red, white and blue.
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    Chuck even kills Ninjas.:eek:
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=brAuAG1Trtc]YouTube - Chuck Norris (Karate) vs. Ninja[/ame]
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    AND Chucks got a BEARD.
    Because REAL MEN have BEARDS.

    Unlike those two smooth faced sissy boys Seagal and Van Dork...lol
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    I just watched the opening scene to "Second in Command", starring JCVD. Very irritating. A terrorist expresses his hatred of America by killing Americans in a hotel (with a 1911, ironically), and manages to fire 19 rounds without reloading. Without any further research, I hereby declare Jean Claude van Ham the loser of all imaginable contests, simply for appearing in such a scene.
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    They prolly got a discount on 1911 style theatrical prop weapons.

    As to the rest of the non-sense,thats why they call it hollyweird.