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    I have a friends shotgun, according to the articles I have found this model (583.17) is unsafe to shoot because of the bolt. The bolt comes out when the gun is fired. Don't know if this is true or not but stories have it that Sears recalled these guns for that reason. I need to know how to take the bolt apart to clean it. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Cross reference said it was made by High Standard, but can't find their model number(definitely not a model 10).
    Thanks for your help!
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    Steve- there folks that swear the only problem was a shooter that pulled the bolt out and hit themselves in the face.

    I don't call people liars that I am not willing to fight, but have seen the photos of some of that model that SHEARED the part of the receiver that holds the bolt handle (and bolt) in place. The 16 and 20 were OK- but the addition materials milled away on the 12 left it prone to failing. Design flaw, no fix. Only the 12 g was recalled.

    Sears spent a CRAPLOAD on money on the recall of those guns- for years, you could send them the bolt (rendering the gun inoperative) and they would send you a check for $160. That has now, after MANY years, been changed to a $50 Sears gift card. Just do not see Sears dropping a million $$$ on a years long recall if it were not a real problem.

    You mileage may vary. Me- I'd send Sears the bolt, and make a floor lamp out of the rest.

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    I have a 583.20 and have never had and problems with it. I've fired various types if shells through it and it's been the most reliable shotgun I've ever owned.
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    JC Higgins

    Do you have any idea where I might be able to find a stock for this shotgun?
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    The problem was that the bolt was retained on cocking by a small threaded bolt(I will call it a screw for clarity) that fit in a groove in the bolt body. I guess it would be possible to shear the screw if you really tried. More likely is one got loose, fell out, and caused some lawyer happy guy to break a tooth resulting in law suit(s).

    I have owned two of those guns, one of which I removed the existing retaining screw/bolt, drilled and tapped it larger and replaced it with one that would be dang near impossible to shear off and applied thread lock to make sure it stayed in. The entire process took about ten minutes and I have used the gun for years. It is my designated snake gun, and it works fine. You can usually pick these guns up for $75.00 in excellent condition. They won't win you any brownie point with the Benelli bunch, but they are perfectly functional shotguns and have a certain shabby chic draw for me. One of them is loaded and just out of my reach right now.

    Forget buying a stock, just keep your eyes open at gun shows and don't pay more than $75.00 for the whole gun.
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