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JC Higgins Model 60

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I have a JC Higgins 12ga auto model 60. I am trying to replace the action bar.
It appears fairly simple but I am unable to figure how to get the barrel off or does the magazine tube come off instead. Any help would be appreciated.
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The mag tube should unscrew from the receiver...
The barrel is thread into the receiver and it is tighten tight. I tried a barrel vise and made a special wrench for the receiver. I could not get it to budge. I quit before I twisted the receiver. Years ago when I re-blued it, I'm thinking I saw a retainer nut used to lock the barrel to the receiver inside the receiver. I maybe wrong, I could never find a schematic that showed such a retainer and I just look again all my books when I saw your post. They may have tighten them like the 1917 Enfields which I have gotten apart. Anyhow, Why do you need to separate the barrel from the receiver?

If you have a Numrich catalog, there should be a schematic of your model 60( after you check the store brand cross over list to see who made it).
Problem Fixed

Thanks to everyone for their help. I was able to unscrew the magazine and replace the action bar that way. The gun works perfectly now.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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