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    Just thought I'd share with yall perhaps 1 of the best kept secrets on triggers for AR and other rifles. Recently I ordered a Jard trigger for someone, and upon installing/adjusting it, was so impressed I put 1 in 1 of my DPMS ARs. It came complete with CLEAR instructions and plenty of diagrams/pictures. It was a snap to install/adjust, and provides perhaps the best single stage trigger I've EVER felt on any AR trigger I've seen. Fully adjustable for sear engagement, overtravel, creep, pull weight, and takeup, for a mere 120$! Only 2 areas of note-#1 be SURE to adjust EXACTLY like the instructions say, and #2 be aware that with SOME pistol grips, the provided screw MAY not be long enough so you might have to remove a slight amount of material INSIDE bottom of pistol grip to ensure plenty of threads holding the pistol grip on, OR simply shorten the factory grip screw to fit. The reason I say this is after installation the screw provided with trigger kit only had 1 3/4 threads holding. Overall, it's the BEST drop-in trigger on the market IMO, and much better than the long takeup 2 stage triggers-MY preference ONLY. Naturally I'm fortunate in that I can make just about any part ever needed, but these trigger systems are the best I've seen (for ARs) ready to drop in/adjust-ANYBODY should be able to install these with NO problems.:)
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    I have Jewell and Jard, and I just bought another Jard.
    That' makes 4 Jard triggers, and I can't say enough good things about them.

    Easy, precise, clean break, and works GREAT even in receivers that aren't 'Precisely' machined...

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    Jard triggers are one of the best kept secrets in gunsmithing. I installed a Jard in an AR 15 a few years ago, because It was the least expensive of 4 makes I was concidering. I was impressed by the ease of installation and the results. Every time I tell someone about them they either have never heard of them or claim they are inferior. You can't prove it by me. I know have them in 4 AR 15s and an AR 10. I use the money I save by using them to buy more primers,powder, brass, and bullets
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    bought one for a build, after sqeezing it bought another for mine. +10 for JARD