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    I have a 7mm rifle that was one of my fathers, and I'm looking for some information on it. He passed away recently, and we were never able to shoot it together. I believe he brought it back from WWII, and sporterized it himself. (Did a lot of work himself actually)

    (Some Japanese characters, perhaps an armory stamp?)
    what appears to be a chrysanthemum logo

    Id like to shoot it, and am looking for anyone who might be familiar with its operational details. Some of it is fairly straightforward, bolt, magazine, but some of it is a little odd. There is a spring loaded 'cap' on the rear of the bolt, that I believe is a safety, but wouldn't bet my foot on it. Also, is this 7x57 ? Any limits or recommendations on loads? Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

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    Probably a 7.7 X 58 Arisaka type 99. Look also at the 6.5 mm type 38. The type 38 is more common, IIRC.

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    Hi- and welcome to the forum, When you get a minute, drop by the intro thread and say howdy.

    As the man said- odds are you have a 7.7 Arisaka. HOWEVER-

    Many war bring backs were sporterized- which went way beyond restocking and adding a scope- it some cases, rechambering. The only way to POSITIVELY tell what caliber it is NOW in, is to have a gunsmith do a chamber cast. Great product called Cerro Safe. fairly quick, easy and cheap.

    Depending on what has been done to the rifle, you may also want to think about restoring it to original configuration. An intact mum at the chamber generally indicates a captured weapon, not a surrendered one.

    In the meantime, some reading for you. Explore all of the tabs, and the assembly/ disassembly module on the right side of screen,
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    Many thanks

    Thank you both for the information. Began searching based on your information, and it does indeed appear to be some sort of Arisaka. Action looks slightly different based on the photos that are up, but maybe not. There are posts up (mainly at auctions) referring to a 7MM Arisaka. Do you know if this is an actual caliber per the stamp? Or is the 7MM stamp actually referring to the 7.7 x 58? Im going to take a couple of photos myself and post them as time permits.

    Thanks again

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