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    No, I did not buy this. H3ll, I did not even know it existed, and I do not have and extra 30K to spend this month. However, it IS for sale at my local toystore, so....................

    Anyway, I thought my C&R/Milsurp brethern might enjoy this.

    Japanese Type 5 7.7 Japanese caliber rifle. Extremely rare Japanese Type 5 Garand. This is an extremely rare Japanese made copy of a U.S. Garand. It is estimated that only around 100 or so of these guns were built. The Japanese originally tried converting U.S. Garand to 7.7 Japanese caliber but had trouble with the American magazine design with the 7.7 round. They decided to try to build a copy of the Garand from scratch. These guns were made of the Yokosuka Arsenal as experimental guns, but these experimentals were forced into service due to the shortages towards the end of the war. This gun is chambered in 7.7 and has a 10 round captive magazine. The action works perfectly and the bore has strong rifling, but has darkness in the grooves. 90% plus finish remains on the metal and the wood shows minimal use. The magazine well cover is a perfect replacement. Very hard to find gun with only a handful known. Here is an opportunity to one of the legendary rarities of WWII! $29,500.00

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    Oh man, I was hoping your post was going to ask, "I just got this at a yard sale. Any idea what it is worth?". Dang..

    I've seen one of these and they are indeed very rare. $29K is a lot, but 15 years ago you could get a Singer 1911A1 for about $5K.

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    That is a very nice toy. Those Japanese have such good ideas all of the time.
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    It would be a great addition to a mil-surp collection, but rather pricey. I had the honor of doing a couple of minor repairs to one about 23 years ago and it was quite a joy to shoot.

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    I would sell my car and ride a vespa for a few years to pay for that!!
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    Japanese grand = 1,000 yen :D