Jamming with XD 40

Discussion in 'XD Forum' started by Cole, Feb 29, 2008.

  1. Cole

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    I purchased a used XD 40 at a Local Pawn shop the other day and immediately took it out and fired around 100 rds through it. I fired the first hundred rounds with no problems and decided to call it a night because it got dark. The next morning I took the gun out to a local range and fired around 20 rds when the rounds wouldn't seat in the chamber. I would fire off a few and then it would cease up with a round half way in the chamber. All I had to do was pull back on the slide a little bit and the bullet would seat and go forward. I didn't lube the gun up before taking it out or clean it after the first hundred rounds becuase it didn't appear to need it at the time... could this have caused the problem or might it be part of the internals? This is my first hand gun so i really can't tell what it could be. Also, the problem didn't persist for the last 40 rds or so I fired.
  2. Samhain

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    this is somethin I ran into. Someone suggested to polish the feed ramp.
    I went to the local Wal-Mart and bought some MAAS all metals polishing
    cream. Any metal polishing cream will work.
    I look a Q-tip and rubbed a little on the feed ramp, and worked it in.
    Never hung up again. I have fired about 200 rounds and still no hang ups.
    Try this I think it will work. You want the reed ramp to have a real good shine.

  3. sniperranger93

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    I also had this problem with an XD 40 that i purchased when they first came out. I brought it back to the gunshop and traded it. But I did return and talk to the owner and asked what was found out about it. He returned it to Springfield Armory and they found that the feed ramp was not cut right and had it fixed. it shot fine after that. Springfield Armory is VERY good about their firearms, if it doesnt work right take it back to the shop and SA will repair it for free and or replace it. it was a problem when they first came out. I have since purchased an XD 45 and have never had a feed problem with it. Good reliable firearm.
  4. Tupelomadman

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    I believe that the older XD's had some issues that needed to be twiked. Feed problems and finish are the two biggest. But I have both the .40 sub and .45 4", and brother, I'm here to tell you they both are shooters! My buddies bring their Glock, Kimbers, and Springfield TRP's to the party, and my XD's leave them wondering how a $500 plastic gun shoots so well. I have over 2,000 rounds of Winchester cheaps shot through both, and still waiting for my first FTF or FTE. LOVE my XD.
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    Try again

    I have three XDs. I have not ever had any problems with any of them feeding factory ammo. I don't keep them very clean, but I always lube them up. I find that most folks with feeding problems with factory ammo have either week mag springs, or poor lube conditions. Your problem sounds to be the latter.

    I suggest a good teflon oil such as Rem Oil or a Slide Glide type grease, then shoot again and again and again. If the problem doesn't reoccur, you will have a very inexpensive fix to a very common problem.