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    So I've have my pt1911 for a couple years now and every once in a while I'll have a problem with a round not feeding properly. I've figured out that what's happening is the round is getting stripped of the top of the mag and the rim is not sliding up behind the extractor claw. The round feeds up into the chamber, but the slide doesn't close all the way because the extractor is still riding behind the edge of the rim. Again, it doesn't happen very often, but that's still too much. It had happened with several different kinds of ammo, and before you say it, I'm pretty certain it isn't a limp wristing problem.

    I was wondering if anyone had an idea as to the cause of this problem, or more importantly, a solution!
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    It could be an ammo issue or perhaps you need a new/heavier recoil spring. Also check the feed ramp is it clean and polished?
    A good source of springs and parts is http://www.brownells.com/
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    It has been happening since I first got it, so I doubt the spring is worn out. The feed ramp is well polished. Also, it has occurred with several different kinds of ammunition. So I'm at a loss.
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    I jave a PT1911, it had severe jamming issues for about the first 500 rounds or so, after that it smoothed out and I haven't had a single malfunction in several hundred rounds.
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    Three of the most common 1911 feed issues are magazine, magazine and magazine. 99% of the time the factory mags are crap, doesn't matter if its a Taurus, Kimber or a Colt.

    Try a new mag, preferably a Wilson Combat or Tripps before touching the feed ramps or the extractor. If your round count is high a new recoil spring can't hurt either.