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    I got a new Glock 34 gen5 recently. It had a significant jam three times now. The first two were slide failing to go into battery and unable to rack the round out or manipulate the slide at all. I end up tapping the slide forward with a rubber mallet and firing the round. The third just the other day was a spent round that wouldn't come out and again locked the slide up. Ended up stripping the slide and pulling the striker etc. out the back and manhandling the barrel out Rod down the barrel to push the spent case out.

    The three jams have been with my hand loads. I've been reloading for about 6 or 7 months and have run thousands of my loads through my CZ Shadow 2 without a single issue. I case gauged all my loads and am confident that my ammo is very consistent. I'm just perplexed as to why we are having such severe jams with the new Glock.

    Is there anything specific about Glocks that would cause them to not like hand loads? Are the tolerances in the chamber super tight? My CZ will eat anything.

    Each time I got the director of our club, who is a certified Glock armorer to assist with the jam. I've been shooting pistols for about 6 years but not consistently so am fairly competent but wouldn't take on a jam with a live round without some assistance. Especially with a new gun that I'm not 100% familiar with.

    But I don't mind selling it to any person interested in buying it or a trade you can send an e-mail to me about it [email protected]
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    It sounds like the problem is your hand loads. Remove the barrel and drop each round into the chamber to check for proper fit. If they don't drop in and fall out easily you found your problem. Every round I load goes into a case checker made by Lyman.
    Are you using the crimp built into the die? If it is not adjusted properly it can cause a bulge. Over length cases can also cause a bulge with the built in crimp. I use a separate taper crimp die.
    You should also try a dropping a factory load to make sure you don't have an undersized chamber.
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    If all you have ever used is your hand loads, you should try some factory ammo and see how the gun performs. I would suspect the hand loads of being the problem...and likely not the firearm, and I am not a Glock fan.
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