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Jacketed round nose

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I am looking to stock up on ammunition pretty soon. But of course buying the high end stuff like hornady critical defense can get real expensive real quick. So I was thinking of just going with a quality round nose ammo that is not a low end target load. I feel like penetration means more than expansion. After all, military and police use non hollow point ammo. I figured this way I can double or triple my quantity for the same price of less in the high end hollow point category. Am I right about this or am I mistaken? Also if you know of some rounds hat are better than others in the fmj ball ammo group, I'm all ears. Thanks for your help.

I also have an F.I.E. 25 that I like to carry when I can't carry. It hides great. But again I feel like penetration is more important than expansion and we all know 25s SUCK for penetration. So with that being said, all put in it is fmj round nose. Should I go with hollow point?

And no, I'm not talking about stocking up on 25acp ammo. But yes I do keep some. I'm talking about my main carry rounds, 380, 40, etc.
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Hollow points are the best route like the others said. The bigger the cup on the point of the bullet usually the better wound capability.
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