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Jacketed round nose

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I am looking to stock up on ammunition pretty soon. But of course buying the high end stuff like hornady critical defense can get real expensive real quick. So I was thinking of just going with a quality round nose ammo that is not a low end target load. I feel like penetration means more than expansion. After all, military and police use non hollow point ammo. I figured this way I can double or triple my quantity for the same price of less in the high end hollow point category. Am I right about this or am I mistaken? Also if you know of some rounds hat are better than others in the fmj ball ammo group, I'm all ears. Thanks for your help.

I also have an F.I.E. 25 that I like to carry when I can't carry. It hides great. But again I feel like penetration is more important than expansion and we all know 25s SUCK for penetration. So with that being said, all put in it is fmj round nose. Should I go with hollow point?

And no, I'm not talking about stocking up on 25acp ammo. But yes I do keep some. I'm talking about my main carry rounds, 380, 40, etc.
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Hollow points are better for defense in just about everything except small bullets like 380, 25, 32, 22. They lack the energy to get to the vitals reliably in anything but fmj format
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