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  1. JWagner

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    Have any of you ever used Jack First for gun parts? I note that they do not have an online catalog (they want you to buy 3 printed catalogs) so it is difficult to know what kind of stuff they have.

  2. Rex in OTZ

    Rex in OTZ Well-Known Member

    To buy or not to buy that is the question?

    If you do allot of repair work I'd say get the books, I just needed a High Standard sentinel IV hammer safety stop spring, $8 and they had it! :D

    for just 2-3 parts call them up, same with Bob's Gun Shop of Royal AR

  3. twoolddogs

    twoolddogs New Member

    Jack first gun Shop is an excellent source of ofter difficult to find parts as well as most common repair parts. They also manufacture manyu parts intheir shop. They are knowledgable, courteous and efficient in filling orders. I recommend them highly.

    P.S. Their catalogs have over 2700 exploded drawings and is well worth the price if you repair guns or are a serious student. It is a better value that Gun Digest's book, Exploded Gun Drawings, which has less than 1000 drawings at a similar price.

    A phone call will tell you if they have the part(s) you need.
  4. masterPsmith

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    I have dealt with Jack First for parts since way back when they were still in California and still do so to this day. They are great people to deal with and will almost always have the part you need. Their catalog is well worth getting as well. I do miss being able to drive to their shop and visit though..