J Stevens Model 83

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    I just picked up a J Stevens Arms Company Model 83. It's a single shot bolt rifle and shoots .22 short, long, and long rifle. All I can find on it is that it was made from 1935 thru 1942. I cleaned it up and aside from some minor surface rust on the outside it's in good shape. Inspected the inside of the barrel with my bore scope and it's in excellent condition. She's a shooter! The stock is near like new condition as well. I'll be re-blueing it soon and I think it will make a good first rifle for my oldest grandson.

    Any one here have any more info on this rifle?
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    As you probably already know, the lines blur between Springfield, Stevens, and Savage. They made a lot of decent, utlity grade rifles- many a first gun bore the name on yours. They shoot as well as most shooters that are not into benchrest competion, and would make a great first rifle for a young'un. While they have not had the collector's interest of some other brands, they were durable, reliable entry level firearms. Getting parts is starting to be a problem for many of the older rifles- but simpler ones can me made with a little patience. My sons started with single shot bolt guns.