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  1. kirk

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    Hi all.
    I have a Stevens break action .410 from my mother's estate.
    I looking for help to identify the model number, find when it was made and its approximate value.
    The butt pad is melted on one end, pattern looks as if it was set down on a hot grill or maybe set down on something like that in some kind of solvent.

    On the left side it reads
    J Stevens Arms Company
    Chickopee Falls, Mass. USA

    On the right
    Trade Mark
    Reg. U.S. Pat. Off. & FGN.

    The barrel is 26"
    The butt pad is plastic and has a big "S" with Stevens written along inside it.
    There are no other markings that I can find.

  2. Hawg

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    Not much way to specifically date older Stevens. Probably a 940.
    Stevens used the name J. Stevens Arms and Tool Co. from 1864-1916 J.Stevens Arms Co. from 1916-1940.( Savage acquired Stevens in 1920) Stevens until 1991. So yours was made sometime between 1916 and 1940.

    Value in excellent condition is 100-125.

  3. CUPanacea

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    My wife and I lived in West Springfield and Holyoke for several years until 2006. I traded a 22/410 in W. Springfield a Winchester M-190 22LR, a while back at a local gun store. Do you still have the rifle? I'd pay you S100. cash for the gun if you are selling it.
  4. GeneralPatton

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    The Stevens stuff I have read that prior to 1949, they didn't have numbers on a large percentage of their products. Back then they also made Riverside Arms products. I have a Riverside that I was trying to date to no avail. All avenues led to, it's pre 1949. Sucks as it's a single shot 12 gauge and I have no way to determine what shell size it takes. It's a decent old gun I have for sale from a collection, and everytime someone asks me questions the best I can give them is what I said here. I just don't know of any way to further learn about it. Another post I read where a guy talked with Savage about it, they said that they had none of the records from back then anymore.
  5. 303tom

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    Pictures would help a lot, but I agree with Hawg, probably a 940..............