IWI TAVOR Introduction and Shooting Demonstration

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    IWI TAVOR - Introduction and Demonstration Videos

    These videos offer a basic introduction to the TAVOR:

    Thought I'd just go ahead and put these all together in one thread:

    Tavor Unboxing

    Tavor Introduction and Shooting Demo

    Tavor Accuracy Demo

    Tavor Field Stripping

    Here is IWI's contact information:
    P.O. Box 126707 Harrisburg, PA 17112
    Email: info@iwi.us

    Here are more details from IWI's web site.


    At the end of the 1982 Israel-Lebanon War arose an understanding that the modern battlefield had changed. One of the conclusions from the war, particularly relevant to the small arms industry, was that the battle had moved from open field conflicts to close-quarters engagements -- and there was a need for a seamless transition from daylight to nighttime capability on a single mission. Out of this understanding, and after more than a decade of collaboration and testing with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) - the TAVOR® rifle was born. Just as race car technology trickles down to consumer automobiles, so do these time and battle-tested firearms now become a modern sporting rifle platform for civilian gun enthusiasts.

    The TAVOR® is a perfect fusion of an ordnance grade steel receiver coupled to a Mil-Spec cold hammer forged barrel and encased into a high-impact strength polymer uni-body with exceptional situational ergonomics. The ultra-compact form factor allows for easy transitions in close quarter situations...or even in your favorite deer blind. The bullpup design moves the center of gravity of the rifle closer to the users' body allowing for more instinctive aiming and improved acquisition time to target. This innovative design also allows for a full length barrel, which means no loss of down range ballistic accuracy. Near and far range accuracy is enhanced by the minimized recoil provided by a non-lubricated long stroke gas piston system. With the exception of a hand-specific locking bolt, the rifle is completely ambidextrous allowing for easy left-hand conversion of the operating handle, ejection port, fire-control safety, sling swivel receptacles and fore-mounted accessory Picatinny rail. The TAVOR® is supplied with IDF-tested and approved magazines -- but you can also use your own AR-15/M16 style magazines.

    Here are specifications on the TAVOR:

    Here are the various models of the TAVOR, the chief differences being color: flat dark earth or black and barrel length: 16.5 or 18"

    The TAVOR is assembled here in the USA from parts manufactured in Israel, in order to comply with USA regulation 922 (R).

    Here are technical specifications on the TAVOR SAR:

    Bullpup configuration; short rifle convenience with long rifle accuracy
    Mil-Spec , chrome lined, cold-hammer forged CrMoV barrel, 6 groove 1:7 RH twist
    Optional 9mm Parabellum conversion kit with CHF barrel, 1:10 twist, CrMoV steel
    Optional 5.45x39mm conversion kit with CHF CrMoV barrel, 1:7½ twist, chrome lined
    100% ambidextrous configuration and operation with optional left hand bolts for 5.56 NATO and 5.45x39mm
    Integral folding adjustable backup iron sights with Tritium front post (flat top models only)
    Integral ambidextrous front and rear quick detachable sling swivel receptacles
    Simple field stripping into easily serviceable subassemblies
    Mil-Std 100% interchangeability of all TAVOR® SAR parts
    Mil-Std bayonet lug on 18" barreled models
    Uses standard AR-15/M16 magazine
    Last round hold open on empty magazine
    All metal parts are treated for corrosion resistance
    Integral rubber recoil pad
    Assembled in the US from Israeli and US manufactured parts
    Optimized ergonomic design for increased comfort and ease of use
    Clean, long stroke piston operation
    Body constructed of high-strength impact modified polymer
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