IWB holster for 1911 kimber pro crimson carry

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    I am looking for an inside waist band holster for a kimber pro crimson carry 1911, I really prefer one with the top strap as i prefer to carry it cocked and locked but would feel alot more at ease with the strap between the hammer and pin just incase it is swept off safety. or any suggestions / experience with carrying cocked and locked as far as safety being swept off or not?
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    You might try Safariland or Bianchi. They tend to build holsters with retention straps. I carry a Kimber Pro Raptor in either a Crossbreed Supertuck or a D.M. Bullard Dual Carry. The only time that I have ever had a problem with a thumb safety being disengaged was with a Combat Commander that had an ambi safety. I didn't think that it was too big a deal considering the multiple safeties, however, I replaced the ambi with a right handed safety on both the Commander and the Raptor and have never had it happen again. I believe that with a well made IWB holster it is almost impossible to accidentally bump a non ambi safety off.

    Good luck.

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    I have a Bianchi 3S that has a thumb break and can tell you that you might not like the thumb break on an IWB. I still have it but don't use it much anymore. I have been using a Gould & Godrich Gold Line 810 that I like much more. It just seemed too much for me to have a thumb break on an IWB rig. But that's just me. I do like them on OWB though. I carry a Commander length 1911 cocked and locked too.
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    Does a thumb break actually pass between the hammer and firing pin properly when the gun is carried in condition one? I thought it would continue up and over the entire section of the gun, and thus, not provide any type of added security as you are describing.

    I'm just thinking of my gear when i was in the Marine Corps. If I carried my Beretta with the hammer back, the retention strap on the holster would not have provided any level of obstacle in the even that the trigger was manipulated.