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    I have an Iver Johnson .38, top break 5 shot revolver. Under the grip on left side is a serial number "T43966". On the trigger guard is 43966 (no prefix) behind the barrel (above the cylinder) is 43966 again no prefix. On top of the barrel reads
    " Iver Johnson's arms and Cycle Works
    Fitchburg Mass. USA"

    On the bottom of the grip is
    " Pat. June 16.96 Aug 25
    Pats Pending"

    If there is a number behind the 25, I cant read it. I cannot find any reference to an I J revolver with a serial number starting with "T". Can someone help. I just want to know for certain what year this was manufactured.

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    All I have found so far is it was likely sold from Sears starting in 1902 for between $3.50 and $4. It's an early model based on the number of pins. They are known for not having good cylinder lock up.