Iver Johnson vs Rock Island

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    which of these companies makes better quality 1911s? i'm looking for a 1911 that looks closest to what the 1911s the military used during world war 2 looked like and my gunshop recommended these. i wanted the Springfield GI model but the gunshop told me Springfield doesn't make the GI model anymore.
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    Don't know if they have stopped making it (springfield) but there are still many on the market, and they will still warranty it. It's still on their site though, and I don't think they've stopped making it, nor ever will. Someone correct me if I'm wrong here, please.
    Colt makes the series 70, don't know how close to the original style it is, but I can't tell the difference by looking at it (I'm far from an expert too), but Colt is the original maker.
    I'm leaning heavily towards one of these two now (after much ping ponging back and forth on other models), and I wouldn't let a rumor, or even if it's fact, of SA not making them stop me from buying it. As I said, there's still bunches of them out there to be had even if production has stopped on them. My local sportsman's warehouse sells them starting a $517, that's comparable to a good Filipino GI style. SA has some parts made in Brazil, but they are still an American company with American employees that are working to feed their American children. And that goes just as strongly for Colt.

    BTW, if he is claiming that the supply has already dried up on the SA GI model, shop elsewhere and don't give your hard earned money to a liar.
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    Well you could always dig deep in the pockets and purchase on from that era on an auction site.
    Sometimes, you may have to mix and match to get the desired results. I did.
    I have a frame marked "Property of the US" circa 1945. Found a commercial slide from that same time frame.
    Total investment is less than $400.00