I've used the search, please help.

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  1. p35bhp55

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    There was a thread here in one of the forums about the MS2and MS3 slings. Some members posted alternatives with links, one was Troy and I forgot the other. I found some mounts I wanted on the site but the paper I wrote it down on got tossed. I think the company started with the letter A but am not sure.
  2. Fixer

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    I found a guy in Texas who makes custom weave Slings for the cost of a regular sling. You need to talk to them.

    http://www.sandstormcustomrifleslings.com/ <--- here. Do yourself a favor, atleast talk to him. The sling he sold me looks, feels and acts like a $100 custom made work of art that is both functional and comfortable in all types of clothing. The Sling was like $50 shipped. Its the one on the bottom right hand corner of his home page.

  3. Seven

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    A paracord sling?
    I've bought several from this cat and they're top notch.
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    I am over in the UK and have been making paracord slings for about a month now and have made about 7 so far.
    The main advantage is colour choice and they are very strong and comfortable. The main downside is that they are a fix length.
    I buy all my QD swivels from the US Eb@y, it is much cheaper than getting them ftom the UK.
    I am currently making one with side release buckles about 1/4 of the way down the sling.