Its time to turn the "Gun Contol" debate on its head

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by WebleyFosbery38, Feb 6, 2013.

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    Its time to turn the debate around on its head. Weve been on the defense way too long for something we had no part in, "Freaks that shoot defenseless Children in our Schools"! Blaming Guns and Owners of Weapons as the problem and labeling us as Dangerous is growing old just like me!

    Just like Benghazi, F&F, and other tragedies, we still don't know what happened in that school but we know how to fix it, just ban guns!

    How about this, Is the Newtown Superintendent still running that Mortuary? How about the Principles? Was the School Board fired? I saw them parade the kids out for the Super Bowl, is that how we treat survivors of tragedy, give them a heroes welcome when all they could do is watch the freak kill their friends? Thats when I shut the TV off!.

    Is the State investigating why yet again, those we trust with our most valuable commodity, Our Children have failed in the most basic parental function, protect our children from known threats to their safety and well-being??????????

    They alone are 100% responsible to do what we would do if our children were with us instead of them, keep them safe at all costs! They protect our Banks, Power Generation Facilities, Courts, Jails, Armories and Government Offices with the immediate threat of Deadly Force but not our children? Coumo and BHO don't leave home without their extensive security detail but our children get no protection except a possible locked door and an intercom?

    If those kids got a great education instead of a death sentence, the Administration would take credit for that in reports and presentations! They need to take the responsibility for the known threat they failed to mitigate and prevent! This was not caused by ignorance but straight forward failure of their legal duties. They didnt do it out of some Liberal Paradoxical Illusion- They did it to pay for fluff instead of employing a real "Force Protection Plan, this is all part of risk Management and they phucken know it! They chose 2 "Student Aids", a Ski Trip and a faster internet connection, instead of two Armed Security Guards!

    Time to turn the tables to the real problem, security of our schools! They are responsible 100% of the time they mandate we submit our children to their control. They need to be held responsible for their inaction as well as their "accomplishments". I will be going to a school board meeting soon and asking what our protection plan is! It better be good or all hells going to break loose! I suggest you do the same in your locality!

    Rant Over, Out here....
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    Agree +2

    I will volunteer to guard at evening school activities and eagerly accept any additional training to do so.

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    The biggest issue is getting our point of view past herr goebbels' media spin machine.

    The tv and newsprint have no interest in reporting on the slimy actions of those in charge of our schools.
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    I can use a full time job right now. Any school board willing to train me and pay me $30k a year will get a dedicated person to protect there kids. Something as tragic as Sandy Hook would be minimized on my watch.
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    The Liberal Left Wing will never listen to any pro gun argument. The dedicated followers of the world socialist movement pray on the government alter.
    They believe that only the government should be able to use deadly force. They do not hate guns. It is called "Gun Control" and as long as they control the guns they like them. :eek: