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Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by rab, Mar 21, 2014.

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    Had to abreviate an early session at the range, for an urgent doctor's appointment. Forgot to unholster my pistol, and had it on when I went to see my doctor. Someone freaked, and I got to see the "terrorist-takedown" in person. My recreation, work and entire life may be partially ruined! Be careful! There is a Police back-lash that seems to be trying a new direction in their attack on guns!
    In Philadelphia, PA;
    1. Firearms are not to be carried W/O License
    2. Carrying Firearms in Public IS a crime
    3. Firearms are not to be carried W/O a License
    4. Firearms in a car or locked bag, can now be considered as Concealed Weapons!
    5. All these make possibility of an instrument of crime, w/int.

    If this is a worth talking about, It sure could use the opinions and experience on getting over this one. I seems that they have twisted the law to again attack our sport..
    Feedback welcome here or at

    thanks guys
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    See a lawyer, and only discuss this situation after things have been settled.

    To go open like this can possibly compromise your chances of a good out come.

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    Or to put it another way, you discussion could lead to a guilty or nolo contendere plea.
    There will be no way "Not Guilty" can be entered with the forum entered as evidence.
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    I agree with Danf. You should really be keeping quiet until you've had your day in court. Posting on here for legal advice is a bad idea. I don't think too many members have law degrees. Even if they did, I'm sure they wouldnt give legal advice on a gun forum. Best of luck with your case.

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  5. alsaqr

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    i'm sorry you were caught carrying a gun openly in Philly. Would have thought all PA gun packers knew about Philly and it's draconian gun control laws. This is the wrong place for legal advice.

    Get a lawyer ASAP.